Monday, 23 October 2017

Battle of Mongol Camp 1242AD

I am quickly running out of superlatives for our recent games!-last night was absolutely great,I can say no more!!

Top photo is the scenario,and bottom is the table before any movement.Because Graham is "giving it large" in Ibiza,and Dave is working himself into an early grave(!!!) it fell to Paul and Brian to be Mongol commanders,and I was in total charge of the Russians(bit like Putin,but with less "connections!)

This is the Mongol opening position,overlooking the Russian advance towards the Camp-Paul commanded the right,and Brian the left-my attack on the camp is just about to get underway!

The top photo shows my column "trundling" forward,and the bottom shows my initial attack on the camp,which was quite successful-hurrah(short-lived,but hurrah nevertheless!!)

Because my left and centre are being threatened,I am moving my Sword Bretheren Knights over to the left to help out,and my waggons are being put into a defensive semi-circle formation.
As Brian moved against the waggons,my cross-bowmen opened up with a devastating volley,which shocked the Mongols and made them re-consider their attack!!(but only for a short while!)

Whilst all hell was breaking loose on the camp,over to my left.I sent my Polish Knights forward to take on the Mongols-in hindsight,not a good plan!!!

At the camp,Paul is slowly,but surely surrounding my Vanguard,and I am in real trouble,however even trying to get my troops out of this situation,I am being "bowed" in the rear!!(ooh er!!)-great stuff,and hilarious,if you're not Russian!

My Polish knights have clashed with Brian's Mongols,and were,initially, successful,however more Mongols are on their way!!

With the remnants of my vanguard fleeing back to seek safety with the main body,I am being subjected to archery from both Brian and Paul,and my centre is looking "shaky" to say the least-a man can only take so much-so a charge against the Mongol centre is being considered(!!)A wise sage once said "don't poke a sleeping lion with a stick"-what does he know?????

An "un-wise" me said "oh cacky!!)-look at how many they are-woe is me!

I am, everywhere, beaten and being driven back,and as the Mongols complete their encirclement of my troops,all looks lost!!

Brian is on the point of destroying my Poles and even my rearguard troops (which didn't appear on the board until move number 4!) and it is all over!!
This was a very enjoyable and colouful game,played in great spirit-well done lads.
Roll on next Sunday,probably a Crusader game,but not set in stone yet!!


  1. A very colourful game. Sometimes losing in style can be as much fun as winning!

    1. Hi Stryker,my wife can't understand how I can still enjoy myself,and have a good game if I lose!-but I am certainly practiced in "losing in style",cheers