Monday, 2 October 2017

Battle of Westernoricum 60AD

If Wellington had been watching our game last night he would have called it a"near run thing!"
First the Romans were winning,then the Barbarians,then the Romans then the..........well you get the picture!

This is the scenario,as per my previous blog-Brian and Graham were the Barbarian commanders,whilst Paul and I commanded the Legions-all was set for a wonderful game.

As the Barbarian hordes sweep down from the hills,the Romans calmly deploy-both Paul and I had 4 cohorts each of "raw recruits" which had low fighting and morale values,so we knew we were going to be "up against it!"-and so we were!!!

Graham's warbands were the first to make contact with my Legion! Luckily for me,my "raw recruits" did well in the first round of melee(I had deliberately put them in the front rank to "blunt" Graham's attack,and it worked!) but more and more units were rushing towards me!!

Then it was Paul's turn to feel the strength of Brian's attack-Paul also put his "raw" troops in the front line,but they didn't do too well,at first-and look,Brian's second line of warbands are advancing-this is going to be tight!!-whatever you do Paul,don't put your Legate into the fight just to bolster the "raw" troops!!!

Paul's "super-men Cavalry unit" beating warbands and cavalry units,before retiring to rest,but saved his right flank-hurrah!!

Graham's "not so super-men cavalry" being given a right old "hiding" by my cavalry-because of the confined space,he had nowhere to move to,and was forced to retire and re-group,thus saving my left flank-hurrah!!

In the background my Legion is still intact and holding its lines,but not before Graham,with some fantastic dice throwing had managed to kill 8 Centurions-however this was nothing compared to Paul's legion!!-as mentioned before-"don't put your Legate into the fight to bolster your "raw" troops,Paul"-but of course he did,and got him killed!!!-woe is us!-his whole front line had to take a morale check,and disappeared,hot foot back to Rome!!!!

This shows my Legion pushing steadily forward-Graham's warbands decided they had  better things to do,and retired! but what of Paul's Legion??

After sending what was left of the Legate,to the rear,the second,as yet untouched, line of cohorts advanced and knocked seven shades of  s--t out of Brian's battered warbands-I never doubted you for one second Paul-honest!!!!
By this time the game was up for the Barbarians,although I think I can remember Brian asking for a draw!!!!

A shot of the table at the end of this tremendous game-well done to Paul,Brian and Graham.
Roll on next Sunday,when,hopefully,Dave will back with us after a bout of illness,and we will probably have a 40mm 7YW game.


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Robbie,it really was a cracking game that could have gone either way-just as it should be.Have you seen Ron Ringrose' article in WI this month? I wish I could write articles like that!

  2. I'm very envious - big, proper ancient bash!

    1. Chris,you know us-the bigger the better!
      You'll have to come up one week-end and we'll have a massive game!

    2. We'll talk in the new year. I'd quite like to come up for a few games

    3. Chris-we are all looking forward to that