Monday, 9 October 2017

Club up-date.

Last night,apart from having a cracking game,Dave also brought up his latest project,a Napoleonic artillery limber and caisson.........................

The figures are from Elite Miniatures,and really suit Dave's painting style-I  particularly like the bases and the attention to detail.

Two more views, from behind-very nice,beautiful models,and well executed(do I sound envious?)

A close up of the gun,showing the fantastic detail,and painting.

Also,a box of WW2 vehicles,which I couldn't possibly begin to remember the names of,SDZ thingies or something like that!!-all for towing heavy guns,I believe-can't wait to see them painted.

Now,from my previous blog,why have I got my nose and mouth covered???????

Well,I have been reading Robbie Roddis' blog and he has just bought a "Battle Mat",so I thought I would have a go at making my own.
I already had a light green sheet which cost about £10,and I bought a couple of tins of spray paint from Halfords,costing £6.99 each,and,following the instructions on the cans,I covered my mouth and nose,and started spraying!!!!

Tins of paint,from the Rover range(only the best!)

After spraying the green,in a sweeping motion,over the cloth,I then did the same with the brown,and the effect was achieved-the ripples are caused by the wind(no Brian wasn't there helping!) blowing through the garage door,which had to be left open in case I gassed myself!

A couple of bits of scenery added for total effect,and "voila! a battle mat,at a fraction of the cost of a commercial one.

Same bits of scenery,from a different angle!

Those tanks get themselves around don't they??
Any comments???


  1. It looks very good John, when do you start production?

    1. Hi Robbie,well,funny you should ask that question-look out for next blog-I have found another much larger sheet(actually a Tank cover from Vickers Armstrong!)
      and will give that a go later on tonight.

  2. Very nice! How did you get the hills? Home made or commercial?

    1. HI Herkybird,thanks for comment,the "hills" are from Kallistra,and classed as Mountains-really good for putting on top of battle mats!!!!!-they actually do a good range of small hills etc.-worth a look at their website,'cos Xmas is coming and all that.

    2. Cheers! I may well get some!

    3. Herkybird,they are always at York show, and will,if asked nicely, do a discount.