Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Club update,update!!

Having had a bit of a success with my attempt at making a battle mat,I turned my attention,last night,to another cloth which I have had for many years-this one is about 15ft. by 8ft. and a dark green colour.
Using the same method and the same colours(Halfords profits must be soaring now!) I have achieved the following.........................

The cloth in its original colour.

The cloth after the "applejack green" has been sprayed onto it(older readers will recognise the name Applejacks as a group from the 60's!!)

The cloth with "russet brown sprayed onto it-and complete!!

Cloth with bits of "terrain"-it's those bloody tanks again!!

This shows the original cloth with my other recent "projects" ie. explosion,long-length river sections and ruined houses-how I find the time to do "ordinary" things,I just don't know!!!
Both cloths have their own merits,but I think I favour the original light green one-we'll see over the next few weeks,when we will be playing on both.
Roll on Sunday when we will be re-fighting the Battle of Hastings(because its the anniversary on the 14th!)


  1. John,
    I have bought some towel clamps to fix down the mat. I would recommend them if you are going to put your hills under the cloth.These clamps are used by sunbathers by the way.I got some big ones off e bay.

    1. Robbie,you got some big sunbathers off e-bay????
      Thanks for tip,will get the wife to go on amazon and get them cheaper.

  2. If you're taking votes from viewers I like the look of the lighter green one best.

    1. Hi Ross Mac,good to hear from you,and I think I like the lighter one best too,thanks for comment,keep them coming.