Wednesday, 1 November 2017

7YW Solo Game.

The Wife has just cracked her hilarious joke(which she does every time I play a solo game) asking if I've been in the garage "playing with myself!!"-no,I've been in the garage playing by myself-a subtle but significant difference!!
I decided to play a 7YW game with my Prussians and Russians this afternoon,and set the game up as shown...........................

This is the game set-up,with the Russians on the left,and Prussians on the right.I use a simplified version of our "house" rules,relying purely on Morale to decide who wins and who loses,subject to the usual dice throws.

The Russian infantry opened the show by advancing on the farm house,stoutly defended by some Prussian Grenadiers!

The Prussian cavalry are advancing towards the Russian cavalry-I've a feeling that this is going to be bloody!!

As the action around the farmhouse "hots up" the Russian Hussars have charged the Prussian Dragoons-was this a wise move???-if the Hussars are beaten,the whole of the Russian infantry line would be in danger!!!

The heavy cavalry from both sides are moving into contact,with the Russian Dragoons "shadowing the right flank-however a well placed gun battery and some infantry support,knocked them about a bit!!!

The right flank,Prussian Dragoons are also taking a bit of a battering from a well-placed Russian gun-this is going to be tight!

Due to a "shocking" set of dice throws,the Russian Hussars have taken off back to Moscow,leaving one unit of Dragoons to chase them,whilst the other unit crashes into the static Russian infantry!!!!

The heavy cavalry battle is raging,whilst the Russian Dragoons are being subjected to volley and gun fire-they did not like it,and turned tail and fled!!!!

I wonder what the Russian is for "woe is me"-the whole of the flank has collapsed,again,due to some horrendous dice throws,but exhilarating stuff!!

This shot is taken from the Russian side of the board,and shows the "hammered " dragoons being chased by some Prussian cuirassiers-the other cavalry melees went on for some time with neither side gaining any advantage-that is until a morale throw was called for!!!!!!!!!

The whole bloody lot went!!-what a shambles-the reserve Prussian infantry now formed line and advanced,and the Russians had nothing left!
What a game,thoroughly enjoyable.Under normal circumstances I am not a great fan of Solo games,but every now and then it is a wonderful experience-I would recommend it.


  1. John,
    Ive got this awful mental image of you playing with yourself. I need help. Good looking game by the way.As usual.

    1. Robbie-you need help!!
      I will offer you counselling when I see you at Stockton!

  2. Yeah, why is it that wives (and other family members) make so many hilarious jokes about playing with toy soldiers? My wife knits but I don't make jokes about that as she has sharp needles! Great thing about solo games is that you always win.

    1. Hi Stryker-good point!!I try not to take sides when "soloing" but I always end up supporting one side-human nature I guess.