Monday, 19 March 2018

7 Years War battle.

Last night we had another "foray" into the horse and musket period,in the form of a 7YW game provided by Paul.

Top photo is the map we were each given,and bottom is the scenario and terrain restrictions.
Dave was Austrian commander,aided and abetted by Brian,and I was Prussian commander aided and abetted by Graham.

The first 4 moves were taken up by each side manoeuvering into position,this shows my Prussians trying to deploy,whilst the Austrians are already in a good position on the ridge/hill.

The Austrian deployment!-I had already formulated a plan,which would depend on the Austrian position,but seeing them in equal numbers,and in a defensive position,my plan was scuppered!!!-Dave had decided not to attack(and why would he?) and if I attacked I would be "ploated" to say the least!!!
The impasse had to be ended,so I ordered Graham to attack with his cavalry against the flank held by Brian-this was successful,in the end,mainly due to some "diabolocal" dice throwing from Brian!!!-the language was choice!!! but my infantry was being chewed up by some fantastic gunnery from Dave.

The Prussians are still moving along the road!-The brigade in the foreground was poor quality,so I decided to try and lure Dave to attack them with his cavalry,by moving them forward,then catch him in a cross-fire from my guns,backed up with my reserve Cuirassiers-this failed!

The Prussians advance(slightly!) but the Austrians are clinging to their hill-the swines!

Apart from the cavalry battle on the far flank,inaction seems to be the word!!


Action!!Graham has advanced and is giving the Austrians on their right flank a good old battering,and his cavalry are winning-hurrah!!-my infantry have advanced and a fire-fight is ongoing,however my "poor" brigade has decided that they would be better off back in Berlin!!! and have taken off!!
With Graham winning on his flank,but my centre and right in all kinds of trouble,we decided that the position was too strong to take,and called it a night.
I am trying to encourage the "lads" to come up with more scenarios(I'm running out of ideas!) and the more they put on the more experience they will get,and they will discover the joy(as Paul did) of  putting on a good game.Well done for last night,and next week our mate Michael is coming down for the week-end,and he has requested that we put on a WW2 game!!-it will be Dave's turn to shine,using his figures,Paul's figures and Brian's figures-so roll on next Sunday.


  1. Good to see you are enjoying the 7YW too! Nice to see all those nice 28mm figures!

    1. Hi Herkybird,yes, it's a very interesting period,colourful too,with tactics to match-old Frddie was abit of a genius at times!