Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Old Photographs and military heritage.

I have been looking through some old photographs,and trying to sort them out into a semblance of order.I don't know if anyone will be in the slightest bit interested,but I' going to publish some of them to show,possibly, where I got my interest in the Military,and wargaming.

The smart looking Royal Marine standing 5th from the right,is my Father,the guy in the dark uniform is King George the 6th-apparently(according to my dad!) the king said "what cheer Geordie? " to which my dad replied "canny fettle,man canny fettle!"-The photo was taken at a training camp for the Royal Marine Commandos somewhere in Scotland,but I don't know where or what the date was.

This is my paternal Grandfather,who was a stoker on a ship called the "Caradoc" during the first world war-look at the boots and worn trouser hems-fantastic photo!

This rather battered old photo is of my maternal Grandfather,who was a RSM in the Coldstream Guards,and served in South Africa,and,presumably, in the first world war,but I have no more info. on him.

This is a copy of "Mooonbeams" magazine(Proctor and Gamble's in -house mag.) from 1973 the content was all about what was going on in the company............................

My God!!! I've got hair-I started the P&G wargames club(only three of us!) which ran for a few years before I left the company.

The reporter ran a three page article on us,which attracted alot of attention(and ridicule!) but was very informative and lively!
It's strange to think that even after 45 years I'm still following this fascinating hobby-maybe it's in the blood(???)


  1. Great photos, John. I have some of my grandma's brothers in uniform. Glad I've never needed to serve Queen & Country. My mother in law has an amazing photo collection, including her uncle Percy (Fawcett!)

    1. Hi Chris,I have come across some amazing stuff-Naval Prize money certificates,pay books,de-mob papers etc etc. so I'll eventually get them into some sort of order,cheers.

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