Monday, 2 April 2018

Crusaders vs Saracens.

Because it's Easter,I thought we could do with a "themed" battle last night,and it turned out to be quite a tussle.(and a"blood bath!!)

This is the scenario(if you can read it!) we picked sides and Graham and I were in command of the Crusaders,whilst Brian and Dave took control of the Saracens.
My troops were guarding the camp,and were opposed by Dave's infantry and Mamalukes.
Just as we started to play,there was a cry of despair from Brian!!!!!!!

Top photo shows the "blood bath" starting! the middle photo shows the first aid administered(c/w spot of blood on order sheet!) and bottom photo shows our brave soldier carrying on as if nothing had happened-as indeed it hadn't,a small spot had been broken-our main concern was that no blood had dropped onto the figures or the cloth!!!!

Wave upon wave of fanatical Saracens are attacking the wall of the camp-I held the first wave,and just knew that Graham would realise the seriousness of the situation and send me his infantry-wouldn't he???

Well,no!!-I am being swamped and the camp is in danger of being captured,but where are my reinforcements???

They are being held in a nice long line,awaiting the Saracen attack-woe is me!!!

The nearest infantry(Hospitallers) are being attacked by Brian's heavy cavalry(even though he was weak from the loss of blood,and almost demanding the "kiss of life" from us all-no chance matey,no chance!!)-Graham has thrown his Sword Bretheren cavalry into the fray,and won the melee,surely now he will send me some help(???)

The heavy cavalry have decided,at long last, to charge each other-wonderful stuff,but is it too late to save the camp,and the game, for the Crusaders?

Yes it is!!the camp is overun and the Saracens were declared the winners-this was a good game,very colouful and exciting-long may it continue!
I sent the spot of blood from Brian's order sheet off to an on-line DNA Sampling company and the results have just come back-apparently Brian is 20% Anglo-Saxon,20% Viking and 60% WIND!!!!!
Roll on next Sunday-probably Ancients.

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