Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Preview for Sunday's game 22.4.2018.

Because there will be only three of us this Sunday,I thought I would set up a simple game with a fixed objective.I have been reading a bit about the campaigns of Alexander the Great,and have decided that this is what we will be playing on Sunday............................

Top photo is the scenario,bottom is most of the table-I will be the Indian commander,whilst Dave and Brian will split the Macedonian command.

This is the Macedonian left,including the dreaded Companion Cavalry,headed by Alexander himself-the objective of this wing is to capture the hill and flank,then roll up the Indian right.

This is the Indian left,with a good secure hill position,a line of Elephants and the Queen's bodyguard!!

This is the Indian right,with cavalry,infantry and 4 horse heavy chariots-formidable!

The advancing Companion Cavalry,in wedge formation-ooh er!!!!

One last shot from behind the Indian left/centre,showing the mighty phalanx advancing!
Hopefully this will be a good game,roll on Sunday.

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