Monday, 30 April 2018

Macedonians vs Indians.

After waiting two weeks for this game,we had both good and bad last night-good,in that we had a fantastic game,bad,because of one of the worst cases of "gloating" ever witnessed!!!-read on.

Top photo is scenario,bottom is the table before any movement.I was Alexander,on the Macedonian left,Brian was Cleitus,on the Macedonian right,Paul was in charge of the Indian centre and left,whilst Graham(or Gloaty Macgloat Face,as we call him now!) was on the Indian right!

The game got off to a cracking start,with my Companion cavalry charging into Graham's Indian cavalry-knife through butter??????-well, to start with,yes..........................

I combined my cavalry charge with an assault on Graham's hill,and drove the defenders away-hurrah!!-at the same time,Brian and Paul's Elephant line had "locked horns"(well,tusks really!)

Brian's phalanx(first line) is giving the Elephants a hard time,but is taking too many casualties in the process!!

Then the unthinkable happened!-one of Graham's cavalry units beat one of my cavalry squadrons!! and drove them back-this wasn't in the script!!

Meanwhile,on the far right,Brian's peltasts are attacking the Indian held hill,but not doing too well!!-oh dear.(by the way,I know that the Buddha statues are incorrect for the period,but it adds atmosphere!)

My cavalry have regained their composure,and are now pushing the Indians back-hurrah?

An impasse in the centre,allowing the second line phalanx to advance and take on the elephants soon(??)
Then disaster!! to bolster my cavalry attack on Graham's far right,I put Alexander into the fight(stupid me!) and got him killed!!!!!-not only did a massive amount of gloating follow,but the whole of the Companion cavalry decided to take off-woe is bloody me!!

This is a photo of the open field where the Companion cavalry was supposed to be!!-at this point Brian was doing so badly that he said if he threw one more "2" he would eat the dice-of course he threw another 2,but amid peals of laughter and more gloating,he refused!!
Basically this was the end of the game,I had lost my flank,Brian was getting nowhere,and the Indian cavalry was threatening the whole Macedonian army!

After losing his first line of elephants,Paul has thrown his reserve elephant against the phalanx,and drove a section of it back!Brian's peltasts are getting shot to bits,in the middle of the river,so we surrendered!!
This was a great game,well done to us all(except me for getting Alexander killed!)
Roll on next Sunday.


  1. Your games always look fantastic

    1. Cheers David-I try my best-pity about the dice throwing though!!
      Paul has replied to your e-mail,re query you have,but has had no reply yet.

  2. John,
    Clearly you have the same tactical abilities as me. I managed to get Alexander killed at a refight of Guegalamala. Mind I do like a man who enjoys his victories, nothing wrong with a bit of gloating.Great game.

    1. Robbie,there's gloating and there's "GLOATING"-disgusting behaviour from a grown man-you should have seen it!!
      Thanks for comment,i should know that it's sods law that if I put my main man into a fight,he's going to get killed!!