Monday, 6 August 2018

2nd Battle of Lake Peipus 1762.

Last night the "thrifty three" had a great Seven Years War game pitting Prussians against Russians.

Top photo is scenario,bottom is my dispositions(Russians)-I "disappeared" for 15 mins. leaving Paul and Graham to come up with a plan for their troops(Prussians)

Don't know where Graham has got to,but this shows Paul placing his centre and left.
My plan was simple-attack with my left,hold in the centre and right,theirs was to attack my left flank,mess me about in the centre and make a slow attack on my right,through the woods.

We're off!! my swift advance with my Cuirassiers threw Graham off balance,and stopped him in his tracks-which caused a "log jam" which prevented Paul from deploying his gun battery and Dragoons-oh dear,how sad,never mind!!-My cavalry advance was just a feint,and I soon got them back to their original positions,and started an advance with my infantry-hurrah!!

The table at about move number 4.Paul is moving cautiously through the woods,but I am about to unleash my Hussars!!

With orders to "harass and harangue" any thing that comes through the woods-they did a splendid job,taking casualties off Paul's Dragoons but receiving no casualties in return.Paul likened them to Carthaginian Numidian Cavalry-and so they were!!

Graham's attack is still in "limbo",and now I am moving my reserve Dragoons on to his left flank by the lake-by this time Paul was worried,mainly because I am aiming my attack against his battery!!!

Paul has cleared the woods,and I immediately attacked him with my Dragoons,and beat him,forcing him back to the woods!!-isn't wargaming wonderful????-I also attacked his horse artillery battery with my Hussars(skirmish) and forced them to retire-bloody marvelous!
I have a feeling that all is going too well(??!!)

Graham has finally got his act together,and is pouring volley after volley into my infantry and artillery-a desperate assault on my village failed miserably,and I was moving my cuirassiers around his right flank,again,causing him to "baulk"-I love wargaming,me!!

Yet another "lull" on my left flank,while Graham decides what to do!!-in the background you can see that I have wiped out Paul's lake-side battery,but am being attacked by his Dragoons.My other Cuirassiers are making their way through the central woods and onto Paul's infantry flank!!

Paul has now crossed the lake,and engaged me frontally,whilst his reserves are moving through the woods to out-flank me-weight of numbers are now telling-great tactics,great wargaming!!
(note the Curassiers about to charge his infantry!!)

My left flank exposed infantry and artillery are beaten,and Graham,at last ,is putting in a determined attack-on the other flank Paul has got his reserves into position on my right flank,so all is lost!!!-a great game,and well done to Paul and Graham.
We might have a full complement next week,but no idea,as yet,as to what we will be playing.


  1. Lovely looking game John,its good to see the lads ganging up on you.

    1. Cheers Robbie-originally I had planned the game so that three would be up against me!!-but Dave couldn't make it,so Paul and Graham had to make a hash of it!!!
      The game was very enjoyable-love your newly painted units,by the way-envious as usual,