Sunday, 26 August 2018

Battle of Stoke Field 1487.

Yesterday Paul,Brian,Graham and I attended a re-fight of the above battle,staged by Charlie Wesencraft's group at Seaton Sluice.

As we arrived we were all allotted tasks-putting out terrain,getting figures into their commands etc.etc.-but Graham seems to have been "excused duties!"

Brian and Mike are setting out the "Rebels"-Paul,Dave,Mike and Brian were in command of these troops,whilst Charlie,Mel,Tony and I were the royalists opposing them.

The game has started,with Charlie already on the board,and Mel trying to deploy,my command was marching up the road(the only access to the battlefield!!) which held Tony's command up ,as he was behind me-this caused two things to happen-firstly,I was shot to bits by Paul and Graham,who had cannon and loads of archers,secondly,poor Tony(the King) didn't get into action the whole of the game!!!

Half time arrived,and so did Paul Kirby's wife(Sue)-she was delighted at such a good turnout,and hugged and kissed everyone-lovely lady!
While we were having lunch,there was the usual banter and tactical discussions,and then it was back to the battle/game.

As my command continued to get shot to bits,and Tony continued striving to get onto the board,the fighting was left to Mel and Charlie,who were both being "pressed" by Brian and Dave!

"When you're smiling,when you're smiling,the whole world smiles with you!!!!"

My command has eventually started to deploy,allowing Tony to get onto the board-but my casualties were 25%,and I had to take a command morale test-would I pass it????(answers on a post-card please!!)

Charlie's son,John, has joined us,and is being assailed by Brian's wild Irishmen,backed up by some Irish wolf hounds!!-John was beaten and driven back!
Mel 's command has decided they have had enough,and my command is fleeing(yes they failed their morale test!!),so it's the end of the game.

One final shot of the Royalists,in total dis-array-history turned on its head!!
I would  liked to have played this game with both sides deployed at the start,and maybe it would have a different outcome!
Well next Saturday,we will be at Border Reiver Show at Gateshead Stadium,putting on a Napoleonic demo. game,arranged by Dave-looking forward to that.


  1. Looks like a fun day. Very nice figures to play with too.

    1. Hi Mike,good to hear from you-it's always difficult to game with rules that your not familiar with,and using alternate moves is not our "thing" but it's always good to get a different point of view I think.

  2. Smiling that's as good as it get from me.
    Anything more would just be Wind !!!!.

  3. Im very envious John. I always like to meet up with Charlie and any excuse for a wargame with him is a bonus. Hopefully will see you next weekend.

    1. Robbie,yes you will see us at Border Reiver on Saturday-we are putting on a Napoleonic game,organised by Dave-Charlie is not going to the show-pity,but has other fish to fry!!