Monday, 7 January 2019

Battle of Rio Loco 1119AD.Spain.

2019 got off to a cracking start last night,with a 100% turnout and a great game involving Spanish and Norman armies fighting to decide who would rule Spain!!

Top photo is the scenario,middle photo shows the Norman army commanded by Paul(on the right flank) and me(on the left flank),whilst the bottom photo shows the Spanish commanded by Brian(right) and Graham(left)-Dave had just come from work,so sat this one out!

In this shot I am moving forward against Brian's defensive position on the river bank-we were evenly matched,so this was always going to be a hard fight.On the other flank,Paul has crossed the river,and as Graham advanced ..............................

A resounding CRUNCH!! as two lines of heavily armoured cavalry charged into each other.
Our plan had been to involve the cavalry,hold up the Spanish,then move the infantry onto Graham's flank-this was working nicely!!

My light infantry are still moving forward,but my cavalry are now heading towards the bridge area,where,it was hoped, the final fight would be-Paul's heavy infantry are making a nuisance of themselves on Graham's flank-so far,hurrah!!-Brian looks grim(so what's new?)- and Dave is looking relaxed-get your hands out of your pockets,where do you think you are man!!!!

Paul's infantry are now in position,on Graham's flank,however the cavalry fight is not going too well!!-come on Paul,what's happened to your usual "in league with the devil" dice throwing????

This photo is taken from Brian's side of the table,and shows my infantry driving his back-is this the breakthrough we need??
On the other flank,Graham launched a counter attack on Paul's infantry,and drove him back-oh dear!!However the Paul "magic" kicked in and high dice score after high dice score followed,completely destroying the morale of the Spanish cavalry-hurrah!!-Victory is within our grasp.

As the infantry slog it out,Paul's cavalry ride rampant over Graham's cavalry-the flank is won!!

Brian's lights are beaten and are retiring,so he threw his heavies into the fray,as did I!!-my cavalry have crossed the river and are beating the Spanish cavalry,whilst my other cavalry unit is out-flanking Brian's line-all is lost, I fear, for the Spanish!!

One final shot,showing Paul's cavalry dominating the flank,and my cavalry about to administer the "coup de grace" on Brian's line.
This was a fitting start to the 2019 wargaming season-a good game,lots of banter,colour and excitement-long may it continue.

At the end of the game,we discussed what we intended doing at Carronade(Falkirk) this May,and I revealed to the "boys" that I had been planning,painting and making a project based on the most famous battle in the history of the British army,which took place 140 years ago,and that I would be putting it on,just as I envisaged it,next week!!-any Guesses????


  1. I look forward to seeing your Impis on the table. Always a pleasure :-) great Dark Age game. Those pesky Normans get everywhere

    1. Hi Chris,so you've guessed????-the game on Sunday was good,even Brian managed not to ask for a draw!!!

  2. When I saw the title I thought it was going to be about John Wayne so a tad disappointed as I love the ole Duke thing. Re Falkirk I see you use the democracy thing when choosing which game to stage. By the way I thought I might have seen your cheery face at Ardhammer yesterday staged in Gateshead. Quite a decent bring and buy event.

    1. Robbie,it was probably the word "Loco" that caught your attention!!
      Didn't know Ardhammer was on-I could have probably sold some of my unwanted Napoleonics,never mind!
      Democracy will rule on Sunday,when I present the game I want to do at Falkirk-they may say no!! and it will be back to square one(I hope not)