Friday, 20 November 2020

Napoleonic figure update

 1815 "100 Day Campaign" Collection

After an eon of delays, our figures returned from Sri Lanka in a coating of magnificent paint !

Consisting of Perry and Elite figures, I have been busy basing and flocking them.

I also took the opportunity to take the entire collection so far and lay them out on the dining room table.

Sir Henry Clinton's 2nd British Infantry Division, 1st Brigade of Perponcher's Netherland Infantry Div and the Household Brigade.

The keen eyed of you will notice the yet to be based figures including my command figs.

Light infantry bases completed.

Perry's vignette and command figures.


Brigade commands

2nd Division Lt-Gen Perponcher-Sedlnitzky

Prince of Orange and Chief of Staff Constant Rebecque

I have tried using a liquid masking tape on my name tags
and I think it's worked quite well in keeping them clean.

On top of all the above I splashed out on more storage space for my room. 
So many boxes! You know the problem John!!

Bonus display space too ... 



  1. Clearly someone has too much cash to splash Paul, your painters have done a lovely job on the figures though. As part of the deal did the company send over a young Sri Lankan carer for John?

  2. Bloody Nora!!absolutely great,worth the wait!That cabinet just sets them off nicely,but of course the question is WHEN?????-you know the rest of the the now very annoying question(will we see them on the board?)-The basing is fantastic too-wish I had the patience!

  3. A spectacular collection!! Lovely vignettes...

  4. Looking forward to that day like everyone else I guess.. I have another parcel to send off for painting which will add the Dutch Belgian heavy and 1st light cavalry brigades. I guess that will do ! Dave's is pondering on hiring a supertanker to carry all of his figures to Sri Lanka mind you .. I'll have to prompt him to package them asap

  5. Oh and thank you for the comments..

  6. Look great. Fernando Enterprises do a top job