Monday, 26 April 2010

Macedonians v Persians

Last night we had a cracking battle between a Macedonian army led by myself as Alexander and Paul as Parmenio (as he is the oldest!). Facing us on his own was John as the great King Darius. The battle was exciting and a near run thing at times. All the elements were there, Alexander charging at the head of his Companions, the phalanx crushing Persian infantry, Elephants crushing the Macedonians, and Darius turning tail and running! (but not before he gave us a few scares!) I am hoping Paul will post an atmospheric account of the battle at some point but until then here are a few photos of the armies poised for battle. Hope you enjoy!

Above is Parmenio and the left flank cavalry and phalanx.A view of the Persian centre infantry
The Persian left wing cavalry screened by archers and slingers
Alexander at the head of his Companions on the right flank.

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