Thursday, 8 April 2010

Two new legions raised- John's been busy

John's been very painting lately .............  

very industrious and the following pictures demonstrate how we aim to have large numbers of troops in order to recreate major battle that have a degree of authenticity to them.

We are not content to limit our options because of Rules stating only X elements per side.

Try real size legions and opponents with numbers on their side.

Well done to Prince August for the great figures.

Oh and now for the pics !!

Board is 10 feet by 6 feet for scale

Two legions on right with a few cavalry units and skirmishers.

On left are Gallic warbands and chariots......

Ten cohorts per legion 18 figures per cohort except for the First Cohort which is double strength at 36 figures!

 Gallic chariots

Nice Legion Commander
                                                                                                               Gallic Chieftan

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