Monday, 26 April 2010

Work in Progress

Some time ago I purchased this gatehouse from a certain Mr Phil Olley with a view to adding to it primarily for our Spanish Succession games. I have now made a start on the first of the Vauban fotifications.
The first phase is the ravelin which I knocked together from some bits of wood off cuts and hardboard left over from building my new shed (nothing goes to waste!). I then covered the outer faces in card to get the sloping effect. its a bit stylised but I am quite pleased with the result. Next I will hopefully cover it in tetrion and add a bit of brickwork detail just like the gatehouse. I hope to add 2 bastions and some wall sections plus something to represent the glacis. The fortifications will extend over one corner of the table and will be used as a backdrop or an integral part of future games. Any modelling tips would be greatly appreciated!


  1. A promising debut for your Vauban fortress!

    A nice, interesting, blog. Then, since you cover several periods, may I suggest you to 'label' your posts (it can be done a posteriori with the 'Edit posts' utility). Don't be misled by the common 'diary' (thus, basically ephemeral) approach of blogging. A blog such as yours, as posts accumulate, becomes a library of references, precious for the newcomer and the returning veteran visitor alike: then, labels are handy to explore the archives.

    Best wishes,

  2. If you can get hold of Fire and Stone by Christopher Duffy he has A Fortress Wargame in the appendices which uses just a few parts of the walls on-table which look very much like what you've got there.

    His photos of the games at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhust may give an idea or two. They show 1/72 Airfix men in uss although the book says hardware shop screws would serve nearly as well for troops.

    The book came out in 1972, but was republished in 2006. It's loaded with just the sort of pictures and explanations you need, including an alternate Belidor design for a gatehouse, use of chevaux-de-frise to try to plug off a breach, etc.

    And of course don't miss the reference on page 80 for a fortified bog-house (latrine) able to directly drop the droppings on the enemy, from up above on the works! Could be either masonry or wooden.

  3. Thanks for that mekelnborg I may have a look around for it. And welcome to the the blog to you and Jean Louis, I hope you continue to enjoy. Dave.