Thursday, 29 April 2010

Napoleonic Game

I found some photos of a recent Napoleonic game we had so I thought I would post them. It was a fairly straight forward bash wit the Allies (Russia, Austria and Prussia) attacking a strong French force defending two farms. The game was really an excuse to get some new troops on the table, the 10battalions of Russians I had recently bought ready painted from Reinforcements By Post and some of Grahams Front Rank Austrians (painted by himself). Graham and myself commanded the Allies and John and Paul the French. On the right flank Graham moves to the attack with his lovely Austrians in the foreground.

Graham launches his Dragoons in a death or Glory charge (can you guess which one?). Shades of Balaklava! "Guns to the right of them. . . "

On the French right the steady (ha ha)Neapolitans prepare for the Russian attack.

The Prussians on the left flank (Elite Miniatures)

Another shot of Grahams Austrians (he is currently painting hussars- cant wait to see them)

Grahams death or glory charge comes up against French cuirassiers!

The Russian and prussians storm into the Farm on the left flank.The Neapolitans counter-attack with the support of light cavalry.Prussian hussars about to drive off some chasseurs. They were then counter - attacked by Horse Grenadiers of the Guard wit predictable results!

By the end of the game the French still held the farm on their left but had lost the other to the Russians. However the Russians did not have the strength to push on further and the Allies withdrew to lick their wounds. Just a word on the figures : the majority are Elite Miniatures from my collection, except the new Russians which are Old Glory 2nd Edition. The Austrians are from Grahams collection and are all Front Rank. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Hi Davey

    Short of seeing them in the flesh, a few photos of the Ruskies if you please

  2. I will get some photos posted ASAP. I take it you mean the Old Glory stuff? Dave