Friday, 28 May 2010

The Battle of Unterglau Part two

As promised here is the second half of the Battle of Unterglau. We left the action with the Franco-Bavarian army stalemated on both flanks (and throwing shocking dice!). I had just launched the Bavarians in the centre and Graham had aimed his cavalry at the English centre battery. So what happened? Well a picture paints a thousand words, so here is the action. On the right my Irish are forced back to the stream and their supports.
The Bavarians attack in the centre.

John and Paul counter Grahams cavalry attack with English dragoons while the Foot Guards maintain a heavy fire!

The attack on the left flank grinds on. Notice the steepness of the ridge. Here the casualties were beginning to tell on the Dutch and Pauls usually phenomenal dice throwing began to let him down.

Another view of the left flank attack. Grahams first line has been repulsed but his second line is fresh and includes a regiment of French Guards.

The cavalry clash in the centre. The English dragoons have repulsed a regiment of Bavarian cuirassiers but are then hit while disordered by French/Spanish cavalry (in green).

On the right my Irish are in disorder but so are Johns infantry and I push a regiment of cavalry across the stream to drive them off (in yellow).

John counters with his Austrian cuirassiers.

The Bavarians assault the village as the Irish reform.

Regiment Clare advance over the bridge to support the attack.

A general view of the left wing.

The Spanish Almanza Cavalry have driven off the English dragoons but are about to be charged by Dutch cavalry.

The battle rages for the village after the first assualt by the Bavarians has been defeated. The Irish will launch the next attack.

Inside the village just before the Irish attack. To the left can be seen the cavalry outflanking the Allied left after disposing of the Austrian cuirassiers.

The Dutch cavalry hit the Almanza regiment in this view of the battle in the centre.

The Irish storm the village and push the Austrians and Walloons back (hooray!). Eugene arrives to rally the troops.

The Irish push on through the village.

The (victorious?) French sweep round the village and the Allied left flank.
At this stage we called it a day having completed 17 moves! Then the debate followed (ha ha).
Who had won? The Allied right flank was shattered but their centre (the English) was unbroken and strong. The left around the village hung in the balance. I had forced my way in but could I hold it? I thought I could but at the same time John was poised to counter-attack with a fresh unit of Walloons (but they had low morale). In the end I think we agreed it was a narrow French victory . . . . . didn't we guys? ha ha.

And yes the Wloframmsdorf cuirassiers didn't take a single hit! Thats a victory in my eyes!
Hope you have enjoyed and will continue to do so! As usual any comments or questions are very welcome and all will be answered.

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