Thursday, 10 October 2013

Battle of Cochester1644AD

This morning Brian and I had a "grand" game based on a Royalist attack on Colchester,being held by the Parliamentarians-The game could be titled "the King is dead-long live the King"(read on!!)

This is a shot of the table before any movement,Brian is mounting his attacks from the right.

Brian decided to attack me along the whole front,his cavalry on both flanks are moving into position,this is going to be bloody!!

The left flank of my position,with the cavalry shaping up to charge each other-Cochester can just be seen,being attacked with "gusto"

The troops to the right of the town are being attacked here,I managed to do quite well with both gun and volley fire,and kept Brian's royalists at a distance-for a while!!

My cavalry are victorious! pushing Brian's cavalry back!! However Cochester was under serious pressure,and I was going to have to reinforce it with my two regiments seen to the left of the town.

I took this photo to show the panic my troops have instilled in Brian! If you look carefully you will notice the Commander of the two white regiments,is facing the wrong way!! Pay attention Brian!!
Anyway back to the battle..............

Colchester has fallen!!Brian's troops are victorious!! However in his haste to get the melee won,Brian let no other than King Charles the First,lead his troops over the barricade,and,as luck would have it,I threw the appropriate dice,and the King ended his days in a bloodied heap on the streets of the town-hurrah!!

This is the scene on my right flank,my cavalry were doing well against superior odds,then Brian moved his reserve cavalry onto my flank,and one cavalry regiment fled,and the other was being surrounded-flank lost!!

As my only success was my left flank,Colchester and my right flank being in Royalist hands,Brian was declared the winner,even though the Royalist were now a leaderless rabble!!
A cracking game,good tactics and battle plans,lots of movement,what more could you ask for??
Brian and I have been painting some archer units for our armies,Brian's are late Romans from Foundry,mine are western and eastern archers for my 2nd Century Romans from Lancashire Games....

Western archers,and Eastern archers,with command group for the Eastern,nice figures,very easily painted although I found the Bows very weak and liable to break,however I used the old trick of coating them with nail varnish(the wife's not mine!!) and that gave them more strength-to be fair Allan from Lancahire Games does tend to give you more figures in his packs than advertised,so any breakages are replaced.

Brian's Late Roman archers,which he bought off E-Bay ( I won't even mention the fact that he thought he was buying Horse Archers!!) These are Foundry figures,and he has decided to Varnish his figures now,which I think makes them look good,good poses,with front rank shooting and back rank loading etc.-very nice.
We won't be playing tonight,but Paul is coming round to help me set up the game for Sunday-Greeks against Persians-Roll on Sunday!!

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