Monday, 14 October 2013

Battle of Necropolis 480BC

Last night we fought the ficticious battle of Necropolis,pitting Greeks against Persians.

Because of "staff" shortages (Richard and Dave were working) I took command of the Spartans,Paul was in charge of the City Hoplites,Brian was commanding the elite Persian troops and Graham was in command of the troops attacking the City.I threw a 5 on my dice to decide when I was coming onto the board,so Brian and I were indolent for the first 4 moves-Paul and Graham weren't!!

Graham's first attack going in against the knee-high walls,stoutly defended by Paul,Graham won the first two melees,and looked like the whole game would be over before Brian and I even got to grips!!

Not so fast!! Superior weapons began to tell and the Persians are knocked back from the walls as Paul launches a counter-attack from the right hand woods.Graham stuck at his task and readied the other units of axe-men and spearmen to advance.

The Spartans have arrived,and Brian is deploying his troops to meet them,his archers(hidden in the woods,) did some damage to my columns,however they were frightened by the wind whistling in the trees and took this as a bad omen and retired!!

CRASH!! the Spartans and mercenary hoplites hit each other,whilst the remaining unit of Spartans dashes across the stream to engage a unit of Immortals!
Brian got the better of the fight with his Mercenaries,and pushed me back,I now started to regret sending 2 units of Spartans to help Paul!!

Meanwhile,back at the City,Graham is pressing onwards again,Paul is stoutly defending again,this is going to be tight! and Graham still has uncommitted troops in his rear.
Graham,at this point,won the melee on our left hand part of the wall,but declined to push forward into the city!!

My part of the table is "sparse" of Spartans!! Brian has pushed two units back and is in the process of "chewing" the other ones up too!!-It's up to you now Paul-can you do it??

Of course you can!! Necropolis is devoid of Persians,and my Spartans are manning the walls-hurrah!!

However,because Brian was in the process of delivering a right hook with his troops,a draw was declared,although it must be pointed out that the objective of the game was to capture the City!!

This was a really interesting game with problems for both sides,and I feel we all played our parts well!

Roll on Thursday-only one game,at night, but as yet I haven't decided what we'll be doing.

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  1. Fantastic looking game boys! Sorry I couldn't be there.