Friday, 4 October 2013

Testing new rule ammendments-Ancients

By way of a change,Brian and I tested some amendments to our Ancient rules yesterday morning,and then Paul "popped" around last night and we ran the changes past him too.
We played the same game twice,Romans against Germans,and both games were lively,fast and good fun-the changes worked too!!

This is the scenario and map we worked off,Brian's dice score dictated that he came on with his reinforcements on move 3 at point"Z"

The top photo shows the table before any movement,with my cohorts in "testudo" from Warrior Miniatures,the bottom photo is just a close up,showing the cohorts in line behind them.

Action!! I have moved forward to the stream line and Brian has launched his Lancashire Games German warbands at me.As the changes were all about how morale could be affected by casualties,support and command,we needed to test as many situations as possible-and we did!!I had a catapult and shot an incendiary "bolt" at his homestead,and luckily set it alight,forcing Brian to abandon his defensive position,and come out to attack me!!-not such a good idea for me!

In fact a very bad idea! Brian has beaten me in melee and is pushing me back,I have gained a little bit of success on the right,but things are not looking good!

This is a shot of the centre,Brian's reinforcements have arrived in the nick of time,and with this second line of warbands,I am in real trouble,having expended my Pila on the first line!!
However,on the right,fortunes have changed and the Gods of the Dice have smiled on me,and I am pushing all of Brian's warbands back -hurrah!!

Back I go,faced with the new wave of warriors,I stood no chance,and Brian had won this flank,however with me winning the other flank,we called the game a draw!!
When Paul came last night,he took command of the Romans and Brian and I took control of the Germans.The game went exactly the opposite to the game in the morning,with the Romans winning the left,and the Germans winning the right and keeping their Homestead safe!
Both games provided us with enough situations to test the new changes,and we all adapted to them very quickly(we believe in simplicity!) and we will be testing them again very soon.
Paul can't make it on Sunday-he's going on a "romantic" week-end with his wife,to the Lake District,we'll miss him,no doubt he won't miss us!!
Roll on Sunday.

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