Thursday, 24 October 2013

Border Control-Roman Style 50AD

Another Thursday,another fast-paced and exciting game,Romans against Gauls for control of a border crossing point. I took command of the Gauls and Brian took command of the Romans.

The scenario,my plan was to attack the relieving force with chariots,cavalry and warbands,to stop them from helping the border control troops,Brian's plan was the opposite,ie to break my warbands,and keep control of the crossing point.

This photo gives a good idea of what the starting positions of all the troops was,and how difficult a task we both had to achieve our objectives.The central hill was fought over for the whole of the game!!

My attack begins,I assaulted both forts with two warbands and skirmishers,Brian replied with bolt throwers and archers,in the centre I pushed on over the bridge and was met by a cohort of aux. infantry,who were beaten back in the first round of melee-was this going to be "pushover" for the Gauls??

On the left,I have "swamped" Brian's Cavalry,and my warbands are moving up to take on his legionaries.
Having dealt with his cavalry,my warbands were,in turn,soundly sent packing by the cohorts!!-great stuff.

This shot shows the moment of impact,the pila from Brian's cohorts took a dreadful toll on the Gauls,and the ensuing melee saw all but one of my units beaten and forced to retire!!

Meanwhile,on a nearby hill,the Romans are doing a good job of defending the position against all comers!!
Both Brian and myself kept sending fresh troops to try and gain an advantage,but Brian's troops were becoming weak,and with no support available from the Legion,things were looking black!!

My persistent attacks on the forts continue,at one point Brian decided to come out of the left hand fort and attack me!! With excellent results,I might add!!,however the right hand fort was taken by my troops,making Brian's position a little tenuous!!

With my cavalry threatening both flanks of the Legion,my warbands regrouping for another charge,and the central hill still under threat against weakened Roman units,we decided to call it a day,with the Romans waving a white flag,and the Gauls victorious!!-hurrah.
Once again a great game,which could have gone either way,one bonus,I suppose, is that Brian didn't manage to poke himself,or me,in the eye!!
We probably won't be playing on Sunday,but keep in touch lads.

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