Thursday, 1 May 2014

American Civil War 1863-Kidglove.

This morning Brian and I had a good old fashioned A.C.W. "set to",he commanded the Confederate forces defending the town of Kidglove,and I was the attacking Union Forces commander.

The above photo's show the scenario and initial figure positions-Brian was in a good defensive position,but when we threw dice for the status of our troops,he got quite a lot of "raw" types,which should have given me an advantage-but,as usual, this was not to be!!

This is my left flank attacking,veteran brigades,who had been ordered to storm and capture Brian's right flank,consisting of a wooded hill and walled area.

My initial attack has been successful and I have captured the wooded hill,and driven Brian's gun battery away-hurrah!! However my attack on the wall section did not go as planned,and two brigades were beaten back by the "Rebs"-In the centre I have launched two brigades against the Hedges,being stoutly defended by a lone brigade,who were eventually beaten back,but Brian had wisely backed them up with a supporting brigade,who "ejected" me unceremoniously from the position!!

On my right flank,I have ordered the two brigades,supported by cavalry and a gun battery,to advance and drive the Confederate troops out of the woods-this would have been a good move,but my troops were "raw" and Brian's weren't!!-result inevitable!!-I was driven back,and flank lost!!!!
However in the centre and left my troops were rallying,and another assault was about to go in.

My cavalry are charging Brian's guns in this shot,they were successful and destroyed the battery-another hurrah!! On the far left my remaining troops are being devastated by a combined two brigade attack,they too had to retire!!

The defeat of my right flank put the whole of my line in jeopardy,and although I was putting up a good fight elsewhere,Brian and his Confederates were declared the winners,of this close run thing.
This was an interesting battle,for two reasons,first this was a period which we don't fight that often,second,using 15mm figures(all from Warrior miniatures A.C.W. range) was strange compared with 25mm. figs-however the whole game was great-we'll probably play this tonight when Paul comes along.
I will blog tonight's game along with an update of what we are all doing in the club tomorrow morning.

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