Monday, 23 February 2015

7 years War battle.1756

Last night Paul's Austrians were put to the test,against my Prussians.
Brian and I were the Prussians,and were tasked with capturing two villages on the Kallistra stream.

This is the scenario and table layout-Brian's plan was to attack the lightly held village on the left,and then swing around and attack the Austrian flank,whilst I moved against the right hand village and centre-however,because of a mis-understanding(I'm being very kind to you here Brian!!) Brian kept hold of his Dragoons,whilst I was expecting them to come to my assistance,on my left flank-woe is me!!

With Grenadiers leading,drums beating and colours flying,Brian begins his magnificent attack on the village-he had 6 regiments to Paul's 3-however Paul was defending the village and river bank-this was not going to be easy!

My advance also begins,as my columns crossed the stream,Paul's Austrians were also moving into position in the village-again,this was not going to be easy!!

Paul has secured the village,and is sending red-coated troops to help out against Brian.

Early success for Brian! His Grenadiers are winning the fire-fight,and his left hand attack looks strong-can Paul get his reinforcements there in time??

As the fighting turns to hand-to-hand in the village,Brian rushes forward his reserve,just as Paul's reserves reach the back of the village-too close to call!!!

This is a shot looking down the board from Brian's flank-everywhere is action!!-my attack is developing against my village-there's a cavalry battle raging on the very far flank,and one is developing in the centre-hell's flames,this could go anyway!!

As things start to go "tits up" in the village,it looks as though he is going to have to put his(MY?) Dragoons into the fight-Paul has got his red coats into position,and look as though he might give Brian's troops a bloody nose!!

My attack has stalled,due to Paul's cavalry beating mine all along the line!!-however I did manage to get one regiment into the village,for one move,before it was ejected-things are not looking good for the Prussians.

Brian has used his Dragoons well(mumble,mumble!) and has cut the village off from the rest of the Austrian army-hurrah!! but things are not going according to plan on my flank...........

The final photo-I haven't captured the village,although I do have a Brigade moving across the plain towards it!!
It's nine-o-clock,we've been playing for three hours,and have finished 12 moves,what more could you expect from a game?-well done to Paul and Brian-another "belter" roll on Thursday.

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