Friday, 20 February 2015

Battle of the River Styx 479BC

Some games are good,some games are great,this game was EPIC!!

Here is the scenario,and the table layout-Paul chose to be the Greeks,and made a fairly simple plan-secure both flanks then attack with his central Hoplites-my plan was to also secure the flanks,prevent the Spartans from landing at the river side,then attack with my heavy infantry in the centre.

These two shots show the first tentative moves-Paul moved his left flank Spartans and cavalry forward,as I moved my mercenary hoplites towards him-this is where the first clash would occur-skirmishers are skirmishing,and the river side Spartans are on their way,to spoil my day!!!

My mercenary hoplites and Persian cavalry are charging forward against Paul's cavalry and Spartans.Paul declined to take the charge of my hoplites,but his Spartans just managed to get into line before my charge went home,and,CLASH!!

Meanwhile,on the other flank,my Immortals are waiting patiently for the Spartans,and my cavalry is awaiting the Greek cavalry.

What the hell is happening??-the Spartans,obviously not sea-faring people,have landed on the starboard side and not the port side(where,incidentally,the enemy is!!)-has the Greek commander gone mad?

With both flanks now seeing some kind of action,the centres have charged,and a right royal melee started,that would last for four moves,neither side wanting to give way-epic stuff!!

Paul's outrageous plan is now evident-he has surrounded my cavalry!!-the swine!!-apart from knocking my cavalry out,he also thought I might have more troops coming onto the table from that side of the board-would I be so sneaky?(actually,I wish I'd thought of that!!)

My right flank hoplites are beaten and are retiring,but my cavalry are nicely placed for a charge-which they did-and "bounced" off the waiting Spartans.
In the centre,the melee goes on,but we are both moving our second lines up to the fray.

In this shot,we have both exchanged lines,but Paul's Spartan pressure on my left is beginning to tell,my formation is defensive now,my right flank is beaten,and my centre is "crumbling-woe is me!!

Double woe is me!-Paul's troops are gaining both flanks and the centre!! So we decided that the Persians had better go back home and get another army-this was an epic game-either side could have won,at any point-Paul summed it up when he said that this is what wargaming is all about.
Well played Paul,roll on Sunday, 7 years war,and hopefully Brian will be with us.


  1. Fantastic looking game

    Looking forward to seeing you gentlemen at Carronade - do you know what you are going to put on?

    1. Hi David,thanks for comment,we are looking forward to coming up to see you chaps-what are we putting on?-well,I want to put on a "Modern-Type" game,with a Scottish theme(!!) but I'm hitting some opposition from the rest of the lads-we'll see.