Monday, 2 February 2015

Vapnartak 2015 report.

Paul,Dave and I braved freezing cold temperatures,and visited the York show on Sunday.
I like York show because I get in for free!!-the guys on the door were,as always,friendly and full of banter,which,I think,makes a big difference-well done so far.
The setout of the show seemed to have changed a wee bit-the stalls seemed bigger,and more spread out,but also more professional,in their marketing signs and approach,again, a very good thing.
We did a couple of "turns" of the first two floors,before actually performing the "opening of the wallets" ceremony,and the spending frenzy commenced-Dave buying most of the paint in the entire show,plus brushes,and,with Paul having put in a pre-show order for MDF bases,a whole bag full of them!!-Being a POP (poor old pensioner) my spending was more modest-a couple of brushes and a bag of round bases!!
The cafe was ,as usual,the meeting place,and full of busy!!-we met up with our old mate Brian and his son Christopher,and caught up with his news,good and bad,swapped stories,and generally enjoyed the break from spending!!
Round two started with a look at the demo games on offer,but,I'm afraid,the usual apathy towards visitors and on-lookers was prevalent-only on two tables,Leeds and Crossing of the Suez,was any one willing to talk to us and share info on the game.
Undeterred,we did another tour of the floors,and I bought two "mountain sections",and got a discount(you should always "haggle") which was good,and we went onto the "bring and Buy" and bought for the princely sum of £5 a load of walls all in all a good trip out.
Being thirsty,we retired to the Bar area,to have a drink and look at what we'd bought-and just happened to spot a "crew" of ne'er do wells sitting in the corner,consisting of Charlie Wesencraft,CS Grant,and his son Charles,plus a few other familiar faces from various magazines and books,however the most distinguished person sitting there was,the famous,the one and only,our hero,the chosen one-Robbie Roddis!!!!!!-I said I would give him a mention on the blog!!
Roll on next year! My thanks to Paul for driving us there,and to Dave for being so entertaining and keeping the conversation flowing on all manner of topics-a good day out.

These are the "Bring and Buy" bargains we got-wall sections (painted) and detail from behind-pretty good?

Wall sections (unpainted)-a bit damaged but "fixable",certainly useful!!

A couple of river sections-only two could be a problem-what to do with them-well made though!

These are the two bought "Mountains"-obviously meant for a "Hex" layout,but very adaptable,each section is 17inches long,and will feature very heavily in most of our future games!!


  1. Mind youre a cheeky bugger. I still cant get over the fact you didnt have to pay to get into the show. I know things are grim in Westerhope, but howay whats that about.
    It was a good show though.Look forward to the next installment of how I spent my week playing wargames while others had to work for a living.

    1. Yo my man,good comment-I came across a very old Independent Wargames "hand-out" the other day-how can I get it to you?
      really good to see you on Sunday-the "big Fella" has bronchitis,that's why he wasn't there!!