Sunday, 22 February 2015

Cheap(skate) Celtic Hut

A few months ago,whilst "rooting around" in a cupboard,I came across a roll of "Mod-Roc",which is plaster-impregnated bandage,and a bag of "lolly sticks"-having no use for them,I put them in my memory banks,and thought no more of them until yesterday.
Whilst in the doomy depths of decorating despair,I ran out of masking tape,and was just about to throw the cardboard inner away,when my thoughts turned to what possible use this could be-a Celtic hut,was the obvious(?) answer,but how was I to make the roof and supports?-Bing,Bing,the memory banks kicked in and the Mod-Roc and lolly sticks were retrieved from the cupboard,and my small project began!!

Masking tape tube and lolly sticks-note I have "notched" the ends,to fix onto the tube....

Roof supports glued into place-those "notched" ends were a good idea!!

The roll of Mod-Roc,for those under a certain age!!I calculated that I must have had this for about 5 years!!-you just dip it in warm water,and drape wherever you need it-it dries in about a minute-great stuff,if you don't mind a mess!!

Strips cut and bowl of warm water ready-the first batch of roofing is about to go on.

A very rough looking roof is taking shape-i must point out at this time that my modelling skills are minimal(does that sound like an excuse?-you bet!!)

Roof support complete,now for the outer bit........

Lolly sticks are stuck to the outside of the roof using a combination of "No Nails" and superglue

Final roof cover(or thatch) in place-I made a doorway from lolly sticks,and that was stuck onto the hut,before painting.

Doorway in place and initial paint job-it took two coats to cover the gaps in the Mod-Roc,and then I had to figure out a way to show "thatching".

I plumped for a very simple paint job for the thatch-well,I did say I wasn't a modeller!!

Finished article in situ-I may have gone a bit overboard with the smoke-it looks more like Mount Vesuvius than a Celtic hut!!
Well,it's back to the bloody decorating,I'll have to try and use more masking tape if I want a whole Celtic village!!


  1. Hi William, regularly visit to view your colourful El cid games. Like yourself, I quite like constructing some extras for the wargame table from anything and everything. A week ago I put together some siegecraft for my Medieval and Moorish armies from odd items of card and wood. Do have a view, Scimitar and Crescent Wargames Blog. What I like about your blog is, you actually get to fight a large number of games! I'm envious.

    1. Hi MGB,thanks for your comment-yes I will view your blog-always interested in what others are doing-El Cid is a great period to fight-we are still getting used to it-but probably will be putting on a demo game at Carronade(Falkirk) in May