Friday, 2 September 2016

Pyrrhus vs Rome.

Last night,Paul,Brian,Graham and I had a very fast moving,exciting and colouful game,pitting a Pyrrhic army against a Roman army.........................

Windows 10 has taken the first two photographs and floated them off into the "ether" so we join the action when Graham and Brian are "locking horns",Phalanx vs Hastati!! and a couple of Elephants-I decided to give the Elephants very high points for this game,hoping that they would not wreak havoc if beaten in a melee!!!-this worked to a degree!

On the right of the Pyrrhic army,Paul and I have also clashed,and it seemed that Paul's legendary dice throwing had left him,and I was throwing,for me,brilliant dice-hurrah!!!

My two Elephants are "ganging up" on Paul's Princepes,and knocking him about a bit!-the flank is going my way,but will it last???

Yes!!!-Paul's troops are being pushed back towards Brian's troops-his Hastati are beaten,but,and it's a big but! his Triarii are being engaged,and they are good troops,with high points-ooher!!!!

This shows the Hastati on the verge of being driven backwards,and Brian is bringing the Triarii forward-this could be decisive!!

This shows the action along the length of the table(and windows 10 is playing silly buggers,putting photo's in where I didn't want them!!!)

When everything was going so well,the bloody Elephants decided to go "beserk",luckily they didn't spoil my lines,but Graham's and Brian's had a bit of a shock!!!!

SHOCK!!!!!!!-with Graham's lines in dis-array,Brian launched a furious assault,and pushed him back-this is not looking good-but can I get my troops onto the flank??

With the phalanx "broken" things are not looking too good for Pyrrhus,can my flank troops save the day??.....................

When Paul's commander was killed,the whole flank took off,leaving me to move against the Romans,but,with Graham's phalanx in pieces,it was always going to be a drawn or "Pyrrhic" victory!!!-well done lads,good game,and the last Thursday night game for a while,to give me a chance to come up with some scenarios,have a holiday,clean the garage etc. etc.
Roll on Saturday-Border Reiver show at Gateshead Stadium-look us up if you are going!

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