Sunday, 4 September 2016

Border Reiver Show.3.9.2016.

Yesterday,myself,Paul,Brian,Graham and Dave went to the annual Border Reiver show at Gateshead Stadium,with three main objectives in mind-
1) to put on a demonstration game(a Viking raid)
2) to talk to as many people as possible,about our game and wargaming in general.
3) to sell all of the surplus items we had left after our recent "windfall"
I am happy to report that we achieved all three objectives!!
The show itself seemed well attended with the usual variety of traders,games and gamers attending,selling and displaying a vast array of goods-well done to everyone who put the effort in!
Instead of giving an in-depth report on the show,I will just publish a range of photographs to show what I saw.........................

Just set up the game,time for a bit of relaxation before the "punters" arrive.
Whilst Graham,Brian and I stayed with the table,Paul and Dave manned the Bring and Buy stall,and did a magnificent job selling everything we had brought,and raising money for charity as well as for the club-brownie points boys!!!! great job.

Our table-serene and quiet,even peaceful!-but not so at the Bring and Buy stall................

Dave and Paul were "fighting them off"-because we had decided that we didn't want to take anything home with us,we were charging very reasonable prices and the items we had for sale were snapped up at an alarming rate!!(take note Robbie!!)

Having sold everything,Paul is gazing at Robbie(Scrooge) Roddis  as he tries to "mug" anyone who passed his stall!!!!(he's a good guy really!)

Show in full swing-traders seemed to be doing well,and the games were being watched,and questions asked-this is how it should be.

Just a few shots of some of the games being played-high quality games,friendly banter and loads of enthusiasm-great stuff!!

One final shot of Kenny,from Falkirk(who organises the Carronade show) in typical Scots pose-arms thrust well behind him so he can't reach down into his pockets!!!!!!-see you on May 13th 2017.
All in all this was a good day out,we all enjoyed ourselves,so roll on next year.


  1. Looks like a good show, with plenty of room between traders and games. Great looking game you put on as well.

    1. Hi Springinsfeld-the show,like many others, I'm afraid,"died" after lunchtime,but we enjoyed the day,it's good to talk to like-minded people and exchange views

  2. It was good seeing you all there, with a lovely looking game too!

    1. Hi Herkybird,I didn't have a chance to speak to you,but I'm glad you enjoyed the show and our game-i have seen your photographs on your blog-well done,