Thursday, 8 September 2016

Forward planning and new bases.

At Border Reiver I picked up 110 pre-ordered bases for my 40mm 7YW figures,and have been re-basing all week,as well as "touching up" where necessary,and generally getting the armies ready for Carronade show at Falkirk in May 2017!!!-the bases are MDF and measure 120mm by 50mm,holding 6 cavalry figures or 12 infantry figures.......................

The process begins,with 1245 figures involved,this was not going to be a speedy job!!!

Each unit is taken out of their boxes and named underneath,for future reference,this also took a long time!!

On "parade" and looking good,some of the French regiments.Having 1245 figures in total to re-base,I didn't take them off their existing bases,but just stuck them onto the MDF bases-you can see the black edges of the MDF.

The Prussian infantry are waiting patiently for their turn to be "stuck"...............

Just about to stick them onto their bases,which have been marked with regimental numbers.I used a Laminate Flooring glue,which sets fast and gives as much strength as is needed for the job.

Eight "blobs" of glue per base to give maximum sticking power!!

These are the Command Groups being used,I had to cut bases from hardboard for these figures.then flock them and make them ready to lead their gallant forces forward!!!
I must admit that the thoughts of re-basing all of these figures was daunting to say the least,however I enjoyed the task,and took my time,and the end result looks good.
As a little aside,after we sold the "windfall" items,we were able to make a contribution of £160 to the Royal British Legion-they will be sending us an official thank-you letter,which we get framed and display in the garage-well done to us all.


  1. Good work, they look great. FWIW I use Products for Wargamers bases as they are cheaper than Warbases. Good for you for contribution to RBL.

    1. Cheers Springinsfeld-they took along time to do but the effort put in was worth it-roll on Carronade,only 8 months to go!!!
      RBL have sent me a thank-you letter,which I will photograph and show on next blog

  2. Looking good John for our next Raid North,
    and fear not when the time comes I will have
    Big Padlock on my Purse!!!
    Great stuff from Dave and Paul for their effort on stall.I for One never doubted them
    for one Minute.

  3. Hi John
    Hope you enjoyed your holiday. If you have space at Falkirk, I'd very much like to command some 40mms. I'll phone you soon