Monday, 12 September 2016

Attack on "Courier Station" 14. 101AD

Due to both Paul and I flying off on our "Jollies" this week, we(Graham,Brian,Paul and I) had a Romans vs Dacians game last night,which will be the last for a while.

Top photo is scenario and bottom is table before any movement, Graham and I were the Romans,Paul and Brian the Dacians.

Before awaiting developments on his flank,Graham decided to send his second rank of cohorts over to my side of the river-this left him in a real predicament,as he was immediately attacked by Brian!!!-with no back up,and out-numbered,Graham was doomed!!

Paul furiously attacked the "station",using burning wagons to set fire to two of the towers-this had the result of not allowing any troops(Romans or Dacians) to get within 150mm.
In the foreground you can see one of the cohorts that Graham has sent to help me-what a nice chap!!!-I eventually had to send them back to help him out-what a nice chap!!!!

The fighting in,and around, the "station" intensifies,but I am holding my own,and Paul is losing casualties,which he could not afford to do..........................

Meanwhile,back on Graham's flank.......All hell is breaking loose!!-I have sent a cohort back to help,but things are not looking good!!

With Graham beaten,I decided to keep the cohorts on my side of the river,and form a defensive line,the Dacians had fought themselves to a standstill,and were weak everywhere-even a last ditch charge into melee by Paul's warbands failed-hurrah!!!

My lines have been formed,and the Dacians,after a tremendous fight,capitulated,resulting in a win for the Romans,however they will have some explaining to do to Trajan,as to what happened to the "Courier Station".
Roll on the next game.

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