Monday, 9 January 2017

Battle of "The Bones".-Spain 1097AD

For our first game of 2017,we played a Medieval/Crusader type game,using "El Cid" Spanish and Normans against a Moorish army.

Top photo is the scenario and bottom photo is the table before any movement-Paul was Yusuf ben Tariq,Dave was General Sharaf,Graham was Raymond of Castile and Brian was Robert Duke of Normandy-all was set for a great game..........................

The "boys" in good fettle before the game,discussing a box of "Bolt Action" tanks etc. bought by Dave and Paul off "E-Bay"(Dave,Graham,Brian,Paul) 

The game started briskly,with both teams having the same plan,of holding in the centre until the flanks were secured-Brian changed his plan half way through the game but forgot to tell Graham!!!

Dave is advancing on the Norman lines-he had two units of Camels,and used the "smell factor" well,upsetting Brian's Heavy Cavalry.Dave also had two Mangonels,which were manned by Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles!!!-say no more!!!

These lovely little models were bought in a museum shop and are actually "pencil sharpeners"!

Paul's flank is under pressure in this shot,although he used his light cavalry well,by charging up to the Spanish heavies,hurling his javelins then swirling away before the slower moving troops could catch him!!-historically correct,and so frustrating to Graham's plans-and great wargaming!

Brian and Dave have made contact!-note the camel unit "lurking" on the flank,and making the Norman cavalry fight at -1 from their dice-this was a decisive tactic,and upset Brian's plan(which one,I hear you ask!!)

As the "tumbleweed" drifts across the centre.....................................

Paul's "hit and run" tactics are paying off,and the flank is stabilised-hurrah!!

Dave is slowly, but surely, driving the Normans back,and it looks like he has taken the position,so with both flanks fairly secure,it must be time for the central troops to start fighting(?)

The Moors are advancing onto the stationary Spanish-even with Graham's heavy cavalry  hitting Paul's light troops in the flank and destroying them,Paul still managed to beat the main central line,and all was lost for the Spanish!!

Brian declared himself as well and truly "ploated"(which is a Geordie word for being well and truly beaten!!) and Graham also declared himself beaten,so the Moors retained the "Bones" and were declared the winners of this cracking game-well done to everyone.

I have been planning ahead,and have issued the lads with a list of games to be played on the Sundays and Thursdays in January and February.........................

Happy "gaming" to you all for 2017,and keep the comments coming(good or bad!)-every comment will be replied to.


  1. My Plan was based on sound Military Logic.
    Just wish I could Bloody remember what it was!!!

  2. If you didn't know I had no chance

    1. Is that you Graham??-why Anonymous?-that's Chris' "handle"