Monday, 16 January 2017

Battle of Denain 1712.

Last night we had a 100% turnout for the re-fight of this famous,but very difficult- to -find out- any- maps,battle-it turned out to be one of the most exciting and interesting battles we have fought-ever!!

Top photo shows the scenario,and bottom photo is the table before any movement.
I was Villars,aided and abetted by Graham on my left and Dave on my right,Paul was Albermarle,supported by Brian who commended the right of the allies-all was set for a great game.

Dave has started his out-flanking move against the allies' left flank,and the village situated there-however Paul had thrown the requisite dice and the Austrians have started to arrive on move number two(this was not historically correct,as the Austrians took no part in the battle!)

My attack against the town is developing,and,being historically correct,I have ordered them to take the position at"bayonet point"-the real Villars wouldn't have ordered this if he was up against Paul's "demon dice throwing!"

On the far left flank,Graham has instigated a Cavalry melee,which was always doomed to failure!

But his infantry attack,against Brian's Dutch, was a sight to see.In the town,I have gained an initial success,but Paul is piling troops into the position,and I might just get thrown out again!
Action all the way!!

See what I mean?-is Brian looking to the heavens for inspiration??
Dave's attack is in progress now,and with cavalry swirling all over the place and volley firing by the infantry,this was a spectacular sight,but neither side was gaining any real advantage.

The town is mine!!-hurrah!!!!-but Paul is sending reinforcements,in the shape of British foot,surely he wouldn't hit me in the flank and cause a mass brawl-would he??

Yes he would,and did!!-all my troops are beaten-woe is me-on the right Dave is fighting for his life,and is giving the allies a "bloody nose"-we might win this yet!

On the left,Graham is being very reluctant to advance past the town-he has advantage in numbers,and a fresh brigade-come on Graham!!!!-Brian is content to stand and hold his ground,and a damned good job he is making of it too!!

Dave is pushing onwards,and engaging the Austrians in the village,but once again the "demon dice thrower" was in action,killing most of Dave's officers,and sending the troops reeling!!!

Despite numerous attempts to beat back the allies,Dave was being held,as was Graham,and with the town in allied hands,all was lost,and the allies were awarded the victory...............

One last photo,as Paul surveys the scene of his(and Brian's) victory-well done to us all for this magnificent game.
Roll on Thursday-a colonial game Zulu/Dervish-who knows?


  1. Lovely game.... I have always fancied doing Malplaquet.

    1. Hi Springinsfeld,and a happy new year.Thanks for the comment,we all thoroughly enjoyed it.We have done Malplaquet,and found it worth the effort if you have lots of trees and emplacements-Villars got wounded there didn't he?