Friday, 13 January 2017

Romans vs Dacians. 101AD

For our first Thursday game of 2017,we picked Romans vs Dacians in a "Snow-filled" terrain-a bit ironic because it was the coldest night of the winter so far!!-however with the garage heaters going full blast,it soon warmed up-as did the game!!

Top photo is scenario,and bottom photo is the table before any movement-you can just see the camp burning nicely!!-this was a pity,because I turned out to be the commander of the right flank Romans,and consequently had no place to hide!!!
Brian commanded the left flank Romans whilst Paul and Graham commanded the Dacians.

Warm and inviting!!-the towers blaze away,keeping my auxiliaries' backs warm-the Dacians, commanded by Graham, were keeping their fronts warm!!!!

This shows Brian's flank!-he opted for an all out attack(the best form of defence?)-this worked out quite well,for a while,but he was hoping for help from my half of the legion-fool!!!

On the far left of this shot,I have marched my cohorts to the bridge to prevent Graham from sending help to Paul-my auxiliaries have formed a defensive formation,because the Sarmatian cavalry (extra heavy types) are making mincemeat of my cavalry!!-the figures inside the fort are "casualties"-ie. lost and taken off the board!!-oh dear!

This shows Graham's Sarmatian cavalry-he used a combination of horse archers and these "heavies" to win my far right flank,then followed up with a mad rush of big hairy Dacians wielding their two-handed weapons(can't touch you for it!!)-however my troops were up for a fight and didn't do too badly,for a couple of moves.

This is from Graham's side of the table,showing my thin red line of cohorts-gaps started appearing after melees,and really it was the beginning of the end for the Romans on my flank-but what of Brian?-as long as he holds a nice clean Roman line,he should be ok!!.............

Oh hell!!-Brian is being put under alot of pressure from Paul's determined attacks.

My auxiliaries have had it!! and my cohorts have been pushed back onto their original hill position!!-not looking good!

Brian's cohorts are all over the place!-once the line is broken all is lost!-and we were!!!

Too much pressure,resulting in the Dacians being declared the winners!!
this was a very exciting and tense game,each side having "problems" to solve.
Well done lads,and roll on Sunday,when we will be re-fighting the battle of "Denain" 1712.


  1. Stirring stuff - looks like a good, fun game.

    1. HI Caliban,great to hear from you again-we hope you are well,and enjoying yourself "down south"-thanks for comment,yes,the game was fun,if only I could win every now and then!!!