Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Unique and Brilliant Idea!

Having just read January's "Wargames Illustrated" I have come up with a new,unique and totally brilliant idea-I can't believe that no-one has thought of this before,whether they be companies or ordinary(?) wargamers.This will surely change the face of wargaming for the next millenium-I will produce and publish a"new set of rules"-how about that for a brilliant idea???????
I counted 13,yes 13 "new" rulesets(as they are now called) advertised in WI-good God man we'll soon need a set of rules for looking for new sets of rules!!!! But,I suppose, the sheep will go where the rule writers lead them!
Using historical knowledge and correct tactics for your chosen period,just make your own up!
Happy New Year to you all.


  1. John,
    I posted on this late last year, and feel the same as you.Why Oh why is there a need to produce so many sets of rules. That's without counting the number of second and third editions of some rules. The only reason I can see, is greed. Very occasionally some new game mechanism comes out, but in the main the rules all follow a similar pattern. What other hobby has this phenomena?

    1. Robbie-well said old chap-in my "new" set of rules I'm going to include a chapter on "winged chariots"-any thoughts???

  2. So true! Maybe there's an opening for a magazine that only advertises rules?

    Happy new year

    1. Hi Colin-that made me smile!!
      A very happy 2017 to you too.