Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Painting up-date,Anglo-Saxon Church.

As I mentioned in the last blog(Vapnartak) I bought an Anglo-Saxon church at the bring and buy sale-when I first saw, and handled the Church,I thought it was resin,although a bit heavy!
However it turned out to be a glazed pottery item,which,because of the glaze, turned out to be a bit of a bugger to undercoat!!!

This is how it looked after I had cleaned off the paint,with soapy water-very shiny,and a sort of dirty brown colour.

Under-coated at last!-two coats wouldn't cover it,so I turned to the old favourite-PVA glue and water-worked a treat!!

Initial dark grey colour on the main building,the roof was always going to be a problem,as the tiles on the facing side weren't very well defined,but in my world,there are no such things as problems-only solutions!!

I plumbed for a light grey roof,with the intention of dry-brushing it white and brown and finishing with a black wash(neither of these two skills are very high on my CV!!!)

I have painted the Gravestones light grey,and the whole area around the Church with a light green-it's now beginning to take shape.

I have "flocked" the grassy areas,to give it a bit of depth,so now onto the hard bit(as far as I am concerned-dry-brushing and washing!!)

I dry-brushed the church with a light brown first,followed by white,and finally touched up where necessary with the original grey...............................

The finished article!-although not 25mm scale,I'm sure it will do for the Vikings,Saxons and Normans to fight over!!

Consecrated by a Bishop-can't be bad!!!
I'm quite pleased with my attempts,but I won't go looking for more buildings to paint in the near future!!!


  1. A great addition to the wargames table,well done.

    1. Hi Tradgardmastare,I am very conscious of my limited painting abilities,but must admit I was pleased with the overall result'thanks for kind comment

  2. Good acquisition! I had similar problems with a much smaller building I found in a market in Krakow. I ended up basecoating it with Testor's Dullcote to give the paint something to grip. An expensive way to do it, I suppose, but it was effective. Yours has come up very nicely...

    1. Cheers Caliban,not bad for a "fiver"-I was,initially, disappointed that I couldn't get it under-coated properly,but we wargamers are never beaten with slight problems like that!!
      Thanks for youe comment,

  3. Good work, John. You don't want the 'footprint' of the building to be too large anyway and there looks to be room to get a few figures defending the churchyard. Good for ECW too

    1. Hi Chris,seems like ages since I talked to you last!!!-I saw,in the reception/entrance to Vapnartak,a 28mm Church by "Sally Forth" and it was HUGE to day the least,and certainly wouldn't fit in with my figures-hadn't thought about ECW,but I will now.

    2. The word "day" should,of course be "say"