Monday, 27 February 2017

Romans vs Germans.AD16.

A couple of weeks ago,I asked the "boys" to help me out with some scenarios,and gave them a generic terrain map that they could work off-the results,so far, have been great.
Last night Brian put on an ancients game,based on Germanicus' German campaign............

This is Brian's scenario,using the generic map-Dave and I were the Germans,Paul and Graham were the Romans.

Let battle commence!-Dave is attacking Paul's legion in the top photo,whilst I am attacking Graham's in the bottom photo-thrilling stuff!

Despite heavy losses from Roman pila,Dave is making good progress,and Paul is on the back foot-hurrah!!

On my flank,the Germans have made contact,and Graham's dice throwing was just a bit better than Paul's,and the fight swayed back and forth-the Roman lines are nothing short of magnificent!!

In the top photo,I have broken both of Graham's flanks,and in the bottom photo Dave is making "in-roads" against Paul-this is when Dave's reserves made their appearance!!-Paul was too weak to resist this new threat,and made plans to retire(it's good being retired!) his legion,marking the end of this stunning game-well done Brian!

One last shot showing Graham's legion,holding its line,but under pressure from my warbands.

Now on to Paul's exciting and colourful 7YW battle which he put on last week,again using the generic terrain.

This is Paul's scenario,Brian and I were the Prussians,Dave and Graham were the Austrians and Russians respectively.

Handing me some notes,Paul led me to believe that I was to expect an attack!-I made my battle plan accordingly,ie to defend in depth,letting Brian defend the far flank-wrong!!! the sneaky swine introduced another bridge over the stream,giving Dave access to Brian's flank with the whole of the known world!!! Graham also had orders not to attack until the original bridge position was taken,so we both sat most of the game watching each other,and the magnificent battle between Dave and Brian!

Dave commenced the battle,using "grand battery" tactics to unsettle Brian's cavalry,both sides moving to their positions,and looking good-what could possibly go wrong?

Meanwhile,Graham and I look on,and have the occasional shot at each other-ho hum!!
Because Brian had moved forward,I couldn't send him any reinforcements-any way he wouldn't need them would he????

Things are hotting up now-Dave has thousands of more troops than Brian,who must have felt that he had been "hung out to dry"-inexplicably he marched a regiment in front of his gun battery,thus preventing them from firing!!-on the far left of this shot,he has launched a "suicide" charge against Dave's massed guns-oh dear!!!-things look bleak(understatement of the year!)

One last shot of the whole table-my troops virtually untouched,and Brian's shot to s..t!!
The game looked spectacular,well done Paul.
The next game is being staged by Graham,next Sunday,and will be a Napoleonic,hopefully the high standard will be maintained.


  1. Good to see the lads pulling their weight. Good looking games. Roll on May!
    Chris :-)

    1. Hi Chris-well between them they've got a fair bit of weight!!!