Thursday, 9 February 2017

Sailing Ships rules.

"As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean" so the Rhyme of The Ancient Mariner goes,and in an idle moment(there's lots of those when you're retired!) I decided to re-visit some ancient old ships I acquired about a million years ago,and try to write some easy and fast rules for them.
I already have two sets of rules for Napoleonic ships,but they are not "user-friendly" and,to me, are far too complicated for a relaxing and fun night's wargaming.

This is one of my ships,made of metal with a few bits of thread added,and a quick paint job.
As most of you will know I am a complete "skinflint" with an eye for a bargain,and when I tell you that it is a "pencil sharpener" you shouldn't be surprised!!

Just to prove it,there's the hole for the pencil!!-I bought these about twenty years ago from a guy in Durham market,who couldn't believe why I wanted twelve of them and for what purpose!!

Ah,domestic bliss-the wife's doing some housework,and I'm "fannying about" with toys.
This a photo of all the ships I have,which cost me under a pound each-well,I'm not made of money!!-I saw, at Vapnartak, on Sunday a beautifully painted and boxed sailing ship for £12 at roughly the same scale!!

The rules in "early" stages-the ship profiles are covered with a plastic envelope,and can be written upon with a felt tip pen(not "permanent" marker!) and therefore wiped off for casualties etc.-a record of the number of Guns,Crew,Masts are written on the sheets,and any other information needed can be written on the sides-simple and effective,what could possibly go wrong?-Turning into the wind,that's what!!!

Who on earth can wrap their minds around this??-Actually,once you've cracked it,it's quite simple!(Hmm,right!!) a protractor and a careful eye as to where the side of the table is,is all that is required.

Two shots of the "fleets" being put through their paces-my early thoughts about shooting at the masts of the enemy,proved too effective,so it's back to the drawing board for that bit of my rules,but,I am assured that play-testing and play-testing and play-testing again is the secret,so I'll persevere until it feels right!

One of my two Spanish ships,coupled with 4 French,and against them 6 British ships.
Any comments?


  1. John,
    they appear very effective, when you bought the pencil sharpeners did you pay full price for them?

    1. Robbie,what do you think?-full price-me!!
      I could call the rules "Sharpener Practice"
      (Gerrit?-Sharp Practice! clever or what?)

  2. "Steady the Buffs" Robbie you know we never utter Profanities like "Full Price" in front of John it only makes him reach for the Rum Bottle!!!

  3. They are remarkable effective.. 'mazing what you can re-use if you have enough imagination

    1. Hi Steve,I think that's what keep us wargamers going-Imagination,plus I
      combine it with being an old "Scrooge!"
      Thanks for your comment.