Monday, 6 February 2017

vapnartak show report.2017

An early start from Newcastle,saw Dave,Paul and I arrive at the York Racecourse about 20 minutes before the doors opened.Standing in the queue we were greeted by some stewards who issued free tickets to the over 60's and took payment for the "young'uns"-a very efficient system,that proved its worth when it was time to go in-I had the company of Charles S Grant whilst waiting in the cold,and a lively chat about all things wargaming ensued-we'll see him at Falkirk!

The queue!-once inside it was apparent to me that the "foot-fall" was considerably less than last year,but it picked up during the day.
There was a good spectrum of traders,who all seemed to be doing a fast and furious trade,combined with the Cafe,which was always busy.
The demo games were,I feel, a little disappointing-two games in particular were very much the same type of theme as last year.I approached one table(you know the one,with lots of buildings,a ship and harbour,and a few figures,and asked the guy standing there which battle it was-he turned his bloody back to me,and muttered something that sounded like "Inverlochy"(?)-some things never change!

This photo was taken about fifteen minutes after the doors opened,and shows the space,and lack of people-this was to change in about half and hour or so!
All the traders I talked to were helpful and enthusiastic,although the general consensus seemed to be that 75 to 80 % of their trade was now done on the internet,and that shows were mainly a chance to meet their customers and chat about new products.

Things are starting to liven up a bit in this shot-I did want to take a photo of the "Bring and Buy" section,but it was chaotic!!-to say the least-perhaps the organisers could look at this aspect of the show,and give it more space-you had to queue to get in,shuffle around with a million other people,and shuffle out again-not good!

Dave and Paul buying a WW2 desert trench system.

This is our mate,Chris,who is coming up to Falkirk with us in May-he lives in Leeds,and his club were playing a Demo game of SAGA using bronze Age figures-this was on the second floor,where most of the smaller games were-I promised not to mention the fact that Chris thought Falkirk was on the West coast of Scotland,so I won't!

Dave and Paul,buying me a cup of coffee,just before we left-you can see that the crowds have "thinned" and seats were available in the cafe.
All in all,I thoroughly enjoyed the day,spoke to some old friends and new faces,and spent a bit of money too!
My favourite purchase was actually in the Bring and Buy,and was an item I have been looking for-an Anglo-Saxon Church.The church was dirty and dusty,and not very well painted,so I put it in  dish of warm,soapy water when I got home,and all the paint "fell" off leaving a glazed pottery item,which I think is great,and will look forward to painting.

Roll on next year,but in-between then and May we have Falkirk to plan,busy,busy,busy!!
Next game will be Minden on Sunday.


  1. Gutted about not being their John, hopefully next year.

    1. Hi Robbie-I bumped into Colin and Neil,and they said they didn't know if you would make or not-obviously not!!
      See you soon though?

  2. I was merrily on my way to... Dumfries!
    Great to see you!

  3. Thanks for posting this, its a show I don't get to so it was nice to see it second hand at least!

    1. Hi Herkybird,it really is worth while making the effort,though it is a long way to go,thanks for comment,