Saturday, 15 April 2017

An Englishman's home(part deux)

As my sanity has returned(???) I decided that the Castle would look better if I dry-brushed it-now dry-brushing is not something I am practiced in,so the results are not very professional but look ok(I think!) I also decided to "hide" two of the very obvious bad joins,by addinga bit of lichen.

Dry-brushing done,and this shot also shows the "damaged" sections of the towers,which are not mentioned anywhere in the instructions!!! I have also added some "scatter",and you can see the lichen,ready to go.I was quite pleased with the dry-brushing,I used a light brown followed by white,so now for the lichen........................

The bottom photo looks like the wall is on fire!!!-never mind it hides the join!

A close up of the "damaged" section-the walls have a back and front section,which are separate,the front is damaged,the back is not!!so I had to cut the back section with a piece of wire heated up-sometimes I even surprise myself!!

Some figures manning the walls,just to give the castle some atmosphere!
Hopefully,the next photo's of this castle will be when it is being used in an actual game!
I have now completely finished my Mongol army,and will post some photo's after Sunday's game-it looks spectacular!!

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