Monday, 3 April 2017

Battle of Haydon Bridge 1070AD.

How can a wargame wear you out?-well, after last night's game I was exhausted!!!
I had set the game up for 5 players,but Dave and Graham couldn't turn up,so Paul,Brian and I were left to play this absolutely "cracking" game involving Vikings,Saxons and Normans.

This is the scenario,Brian was the Viking commander(which suited his style of play to a tee!) Paul was the Norman commander(and a damned fine job he made of it too!) and I commanded the Saxons(not a damned fine job made of it!!!!)-all was set for a great game.

Move number one and Brian's left hand Viking horde are making towards the Norman lines,by-passing the town(for a while!) Meanwhile his right hand horde were making for the gap,and "Castle"-action all the way.

Meanwhile,Paul is putting his Norman Knights to good use(depending on which side you are on!!) by forcing the Saxons to form a "shield wall"-he charged the "wall" three times,and "bounced" three times-HOWEVER,on his fourth charge.............................

Oh Hell!!-a wavering in the ranks allowed the knights to smash into the wall,and a desperate fight followed!!!

This shows Brian's magnificent attack on the Norman line-this was touch and go for a while,but eventually a gap appeared in the Norman ranks,and the Vikings flooded into it-hurrah!!

Not content to win in the centre,Brian now switched his attack to the town,however brave defending by Paul's light troops denied him access!! by this move officers on both sides were dropping like flies,and morale was shaky everywhere!!

Paul has dealt most savagely with the Saxons,and now his knights are reforming,ready to deal with the Vikings!!-however,Paul had to put his commander into a melee,to bolster the points-and,as usual, when we do this silly thing,he got killed,and the whole of his infantry command took flight!!!leaving Brian in a good position to attack the Castle-another hurrah!!!

Heavy fighting in and around the town,and the Vikings,plus my one remaining Saxon unit,attacking the castle(which was one of the objectives,the other being to capture/burn the town)

Paul's knights are still denying the Vikings access to the town,but the Saxon/Vikings are in possession of the Castle,so a draw was declared-phew!
What an epic battle,well done to Brian and Paul-not so much to me though!!-I had to go and lie down in a darkened room,and drink rum!!
Roll on next Sunday,we will probably be doing a "trial" of our game for Carronade.


  1. Splendid game as always, is the castle Langley Castle?.

    1. Hi Paul,good to hear from you,and yes,I suppose the castle could be Langley Castle,certainly in the right area-I've had a good couple of "Medieval Banquet" nights at Langley Castle!!!
      Glad you enjoyed the game-it was hectic to say the least!!

  2. Great looking game again.... I must really get an order into Warrior.

    1. Springinsfeld-one word-NIKE(just do it!!!)
      All the figures,except the viking Command groups, were from Warrior-great value.
      thanks for comment,