Monday, 10 April 2017

Club Painting Update.

Last night saw a100% turnout for a trial run through of the game we are putting on at Carronade on the 13th May 2017.I had put all the figures and terrain onto the board,and asked for advice and guidance(and criticism!) from the rest of the "boys"-all agreed that the "WOW" factor was there and that, as a spectacle,we couldn't do better!! so fingers crossed for the day.
I deliberately didn't take any photo's so we didn't lessen the impact we hope to achieve at Falkirk,but I asked Graham and Dave to bring along any "projects" or work in progress they had to put onto the blog..........................

Graham is busy painting Perry Napoleonics at the moment-these are Hanoverian Landwher,awaiting their flags and then the bases will be given the "Graham Treatment"

Command groups from Perry,one is the Prince of Orange(hiss boo!!) -again the bases just need finishing off,and then onto the table(??)
Dave has also been very busy..........................

Marlburian "Maison du Roi" by Front Rank-very nice!

Russian Hussars by Elite Miniatures-look at the movement!

Then there was this enormous figure(with an enormous price tag-£6.50!) which Dave has just under-coated,of a Camel Rocketeer-poor camel!!-I think he said it was from Elite as well.
Well done lads keep painting and showing my poor efforts up!!!!
We will be playing a regular game next Sunday-probably Marlburian,so Dave can get his "Maison du Roi" on the table!

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