Monday, 24 April 2017

Battle of "Prima Punta" Spain 11th century.

We had a most entertaining game last night,using our "El Cid" Spanish and Moors armies.

The scenario and table before any movement-Graham was in charge of the Moorish infantry,and I was in charge of the Moorish cavalry,whilst Brian commanded the Spanish Infantry,and Paul commanded the Spanish Cavalry.

Graham's attack on the Fort,and Brian's defence of the Fort was nothing short of spectacular!!-this tussle went on for the whole of the game,and was only resolved on move number 10 when Graham's attackers were ejaculated!!!!

Meanwhile,Paul has sent his heavy cavalry forward against my lighter-types,who elected to throw their javelins before contact,causing a few,but important ,casualties!!-this battle also lasted until the very last move,neither side gaining a real advantage,in a "swings and roundabouts" melee-great stuff!

In the centre,Brian has sent his light infantry against Graham's heavies!-was this a wise move?
and is Brian looking to the heavens for inspiration?-or is he looking at the biggest wasp in the world(about the size of a sparrow!) which has entered the garage,and threatened to end the game there and then!!-however,Brian volunteered to get the damned thing out ,and using a brush,and a deft hand movement,managed to rid us of the "beastie"-Brian,you are our hero!!

Because it was St George's day,parallels were drawn between St George and the Dragon,and Brian and the Wasp!-however that didn't help Brian when Graham unleashed a storm of Heavy infantry against Brian's lights,killing most of his officers in the process,and winning every melee!!!

Brian now changed tack,and sent his heavy infantry around the flank,and was met by Graham's heavies-another "ding-dong" battle ensued,until both sides decided to run away!!!

On the other flank,Paul has broken all of my light cavalry,but my Heavy Andalusian cavalry are giving him a right old beating!-my guard are totally untouched,and are making their presence felt-this was the end of the Spanish cavalry's finest hour-hurrah!!-but what of the Fort situation??

With a triumphant shout,and a disgraceful display of "gloating",Brian has managed to force Graham's attackers out of the Fort!!-with both side having a success each,we decided that a draw was the sensible result,however,realistically ,the Fort was the objective,so the Moors had lost!!
Another great game,well done lads,and roll on next Sunday,probably a Sudanese game.


  1. Very nice! I like your battlin' monks base.

    1. Hi Doug,the second half of your comment seems to have got lost in translation!!
      keep 'em coming!