Monday, 22 May 2017

Battle of Holt's Farm 1645.

It was back to "normal" for our group last night-having fully recovered from our Falkirk trip,and a very entertaining and exciting game we had too.
Talking of Falkirk,we were featured in the Falkirk Herald....................................

Or was that the Police Gazette,among the most wanted section????

This is the scenario,Graham and Paul were the Royalists,Brian and I were the Parliamentarians.

It could be said that the game got off to a "brisk" start,with cavalry battles on both flanks,and a most magnificent attack,by Brian,on Graham's position in and around the Farm-which,at the end of the game resembled a combination of the Alamo and Rorke's Drift!!!!

Not to be out-done,Paul and I contested the central field-the whole table was now ablaze with action!

This photo was taken towards the end of the game-Brian has been into the Farm area twice!! and has been ejected twice!! but is still contesting the position-Graham is down to his last bullet,but still fighting on-great stuff!!
My cavalry in the centre has beaten Paul's,the central field is still being fought over,however my cavalry on the left is well and truly beaten,but Brian's cavalry on the right is winning-this is going to be a draw(????) I think.

One last shot of the game showing my left flank-Infantry are doing ok but cavalry are lost!!
But what of the lads?

Top photo is Paul,middle is Brian and bottom is Graham-but let's save the best 'til last.........

What a handsome fellow!(well in a darkened room with the light behind him!!)
Well done lads.We won't be playing next Sunday,as we've been invited to a HUGE Marlburian game at Charlie Wesencraft's club-only Paul and I are attending,but we'll represent the rest to the best of our ability!!

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