Thursday, 25 May 2017

Look out you Mongols!!

I ordered (!) Russian/Polish/Lithuanian etc. cavalry from Warrior Miniatures last week,and they arrived in "super-duper" time,as usual,and,as usual, I am over the moon with them,in fact I phoned John Holt and told him I couldn't have been happier if I'd fallen into a vat of Rum!!

100 all bagged and ready to paint!!-the knights have different helms,ie.winged,barrel kettle etc. so I decided to mix them up for historical effect-apart from the "typical" Russian pointed helm,western european influences had taken effect on the Russians,so a mix is acceptable.

Three shots of the first unit,painted and based,awaiting flock-you can see the mix of helms and horses.

Flocked and in situ!-I will keep the Polish winged helm figures separate,because they are distinctly Polish,but will paint the rest in a variety of colours,and shield patterns.
The Russian Princes not only fought against the invading Mongols,but against the Catholic Teutonic knights,who were "crusading" against them and their allies,who included pagan Swedes,Norwegians,Estonians-in fact everyone who wasn't under the control of the Pope in Rome!!!-this is a fascinating period,and a revelation to me,as I thought the only "crusades" were in the "Holy Land"-you live and learn!

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