Saturday, 6 May 2017

Enough is Enough!!

Enough, is enough,is enough!!-I can't face up to painting any more black crosses onto white barded horses,white shields or white cloaks!!!,so having finished 4 units of Teutonic Knights,I am switching to other Templar knights-mainly red with white crosses and black with white crosses-see my future blogs!!

Whilst they may look terrifying and nice(at the same time?) they will not be repeated!!

This is the next unit,ready to go-they will have red barding,shields and cloaks,with white crosses-see background home-made banners,and the last will be black barding shields and cloaks with white crosses.
I am a great fan of battlefield "ephemera",and find that Irregular Miniatures do a good range of this sort of thing,so I sent for some dis-mounted knights and "wounded" Teutonic knights,to scatter around the board when my Mongols eventually face the Teutonics and Russians.Well,they arrived this morning,and quite frankly I was hugely dis-appointed with the "wounded" figures,although the others were quite superb!!

The "wounded" figures are at the top-at first glance you would say they had Napoleonic shakos on!!-but the designer has tilted the helm backwards on the head,giving the figure a most peculiar look!

See what I mean?-the arrow sticking out of his neck is a nice touch,but the face is indistinct,and the axe he is holding is badly molded-ho hum!-It's a pity really because the other dis-mounted figures are lovely...............

Enough "whingeing" from me,next blog will be on Monday,after our Macedonian and Persian game planned for Sunday,then it will be packing figures,terrain etc etc for Falkirk show on the 13th.
I had my old mate Charlie Wesencraft up to see me for a discussion of all things wargaming on Wednesday,and I showed him the latest Wargames Illustrated magazine,with the Perry's Travel Wargame in it-imagine my,and Charlie's, surprise when he announced that he'd been working on a similar project for years!!!-you've got to be quick off the mark these days!!!
Roll on Sunday.


  1. Nice to hear Charlie is still pottering about John. You look after him mind. I told you to paint some knights in Red, but oh no you wouldn't listen.Typical.

    1. Robbie,that's where you are wrong!!-I've painted a unit all in red with white crosses,and will post the photo's later this week!
      By the way we've had a change of heart,and will allow you to re-join our club,as long as you buy our Dot-to- dot colouring book,available in all good "pound shops"-pretentious or what???