Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Mini-Tanks solo game.

Having left THE WIFE in the front garden digging the foundations for a "Fall-out" shelter,I decided to have a solo game with my Mini-Tanks.
I am not a great fan of WW2,but quite like the idea of large tank battles,so my Mini-Tanks are ideal-I use the very simplest of rules,involving Points per tank,firing points per tank and movement per tank as well as ranges per tank.Firing is done by multiplying the fire points by a dice throw and the result is the damage done to the target tank-fast and fun!!

This is all I need to have a game,plus...........................

These fabulous things!-bought from the Pound shop-no expense spared,they are used to denote a "knocked-out" tank(as you will see.)

The tanks I use(from the Pound shop!) brown is light,green is medium,grey is heavy-the points values are written on attached clear plastic slips glued to the bottom of the tank-when hit the values are adjusted accordingly-no book-keeping,and when the totals are reached....................

A "star" is placed underneath the tank-simple!!
Now onto the game.............................

Brrrr! winter terrain always lends a certain atmosphere to games I feel-The tanks on the left are denoted by Red flags attached to each tank,with White ones on the right.I opted to "favour" the Reds,and decided to gain both flanks whilst holding in the centre(anyone would think I knew what I was doing!!!!)

After an hour's play,this was the sorry state of my forces!-I had lost 7 tanks to the White's three-I can't even win a solo game!!!!
Great fun,and time just flies when you're having it!

In this shot you can see that the original points(80-medium tank) has been reduced to 20,and is nearing its demise!-I use a piece of paper to rub the original points off etc.etc.

All three "types" with their original points values.(note bottle of beer on table!-it's great being retired!!)
Well,I'd best go and see how THE WIFE is getting on,I told her about 8 feet down would be enough,but I'm sure I just heard an Australian accent!!


  1. Well Im back John and its good to see you carrying on the tradition of off the wall wargaming. You are like the Wargames Developments of the North East.

    1. Robbie,I thought you were going to die!-I was just about to ask your wife if I could have your figures!!
      Thanks for comment,