Thursday, 3 May 2018

Club update/game preview.

As I've had a hectic day-well,getting a haircut and voting in the local elections!! I thought I would update one of the previous blogs,and give a quick game preview for Sunday.
I started a project of extending a castle which I bought at a car boot sale,from THE BASTARD,and can now report that the castle extension is complete...................

These are the new sections that I cut from hardboard and "wallpapered" with photo-copied  prints from the original walls.There are three straight sections,one new Gate section and 4 corner sections.

Rear view showing blocks of wood stuck to the walls to enable them to stand up!!

A view of the pieces from the front,and standing!!!!

Pieces from the back,with added wallpaper-all I have to do now is paint the blocks of wood and add some "flock" to the fronts and I'm done!

Now onto the game preview for Sunday.I have planned a Saxon/Viking/Norman set to!
We should have a full house,and everyone will have a roll to play....

This is how I set the scenario and table out before any figures..........................

The terrain set out-I take great pains to ensure,by measuring and planning,that neither side gets an advantage from the terrain-this,I think,is where a scenario-builder's skill lies,plus,of course,the players must get a "feel" for the period they are about to fight.

The Vikings have landed!just as the Castle garrison are marching to help the "Village people!"

The Saxons deployed to attack the village.

The relief columns in full march.

One final shot of the whole board and all the troops in position-should be good!!!
Roll on Sunday!


  1. A really nice looking scenario John. The castle is especially fine, we'l done. By the way its role, not roll as in swiss roll.

    1. Robbie,perhaps you have been given a "sense of humour by-pass" when you left the force-roll as in roll of dice!!-my humour is obviously too much for you mere mortals from the depths of darkest Durham!!
      thanks for comment-we still call the castle,Castle Rodiss!