Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Modern Solo Game.

Over the past two days I have been playing a Modern Solo game,using my 54mm figures and tanks etc. in a desert terrain(make of that what you will!!) my rules are very simple(points x Dice) but are fast and very playable(not to mention enjoyable!)

Having decided that the game would be between Americans and Middle-Eastern troops,I made out cards,as shown,for the ME troops and placed them randomly,upside down in the main locations.I then ordered a Heli-Scout to try and determine what was where,but with a limited flight path,I only discovered the troops that you can see in the photo.
I then made out a plan of attack for the Americans,and off I went!!

Top photo shows the troops I had discovered,and bottom show my planned "left hook" by the Americans,who discovered a machine gun nest in the ruined temple,with an infantry squad about to support it-both were quickly eliminated!!-so far so good.

An enemy tank has revealed itself from inside one of the buildings,and knocked out an American tank with two lucky shots!Another enemy tank revealed itself from the far building and attacked the supporting American infantry-this is not going well!-Time for the reserves????

Top photo shows the enemy tank doing a lot of damage to the American troops attacking the town-however,the bottom photo shows the American helicopter giving it some rockets and knocking it out-hurrah!!-this allowed the left hook troops to continue following the plan!

In the top photo the American tanks and infantry are rolling into the town and giving the enemy "hell",whilst in the bottom photo,the reserve infantry are storming the right flank and have destroyed the mortar position-all looks lost now for the ME troops!!

With one last rocket salvo,the town's defenders collapsed,and being almost surrounded,they gave in-another hurrah!!

The terrible cost of war!!

The American tanks rumble on into the desert!-I have been assured, by the Pentagon,that the camouflage patterns I have used are correct in every detail!!!!!
Although tanks,helicopters etc.etc. are not my "thing" I did enjoy this game,and will look forward to another quite soon,when I have finished my latest "project"-the blog will be entitled "Caveat Emptor!"-now there's something for you to ponder over!!


  1. What have you bought now...?!
    Nice solo bash there, Mr Coutts. I'll have to look back over your posts to see what rules you're using

    1. HI Chris-I've had these and others for years,but the "boys" won't let me play with them because the rules I use are,in their minds,"not realistic!!"

    2. Operation Fan Dabbie Dozie! 09/11/2015

    3. Chris,I'd forgotten about that!!-I wanted to put that game on up at Falkirk,but "the boys" said we would be hung!!